7 Tips For Staying Warm In Your Sleeping Bag


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Whenever you are planning to go camping in warm or cold weather, it is always advisable to take your sleeping bag. Knowing the tricks to keep warm in your sleeping bag is vital. We share some of tips and tricks on how to stay warm in your sleeping bag. And, you don’t have to pile on each other like the people below!:)

tip stay warmer in a sleeping bag

stay warm step 1You need to choose the right sleeping bag

It actually starts with selecting the right sleeping bag. When buying one, check on points such as fill material, synthetic or down, sleeping bag style and the temperature rating.

If you are camping in cold weather, consider going for a mummy style sleeping bag, they are much warmer as they hug the body snugly. There is less air to warm up and keep warm.

A synthetic filed bag is appropriate for places where temperatures are cooler. They also dry out quickly if the get wet, unlike down fill bags which take ages to dry and become lumpy when wet.

Also, consider choosing a sleeping bag with a temperature rating corresponding to lowest outside air temperature of about 10 degrees F, above the rated temperature.

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stay warm step 2You are advised to fluff the bag before using it

When packing for your trip, you will obviously want to compress the bag down to reduce bulkiness to take up minimal pack space. Unfortunately, this action compresses the bag’s insulation.

After arriving at the campsite, your bag will come out of the pack, appearing a bit smaller. We recommend fluffing it up in order to restore air to the compressed insulation fill. It’s amazing how this step will make your sleeping bag warmer.

stay warm step 3Consider using a self inflating air pad

A self inflating air pad such as this one from ALPS Mountaineering provides the ultimate in comfort and extra warmth if you are camping in cold weather.

A self inflating air pad can make you warmer inside your sleeping bag as they provide a padded layer of protection against the hard ground.

The benefits of a self inflating air bed are obvious , you don’t need to carry a pump. They are compact, strong and lightweight.


staying warm step 4Consider wearing thermal wear before you sleep

In order to get the best sleep, you may need to wear appropriate thermal clothes to protect you against excess cold, or, you feel the cold….

Some of the thermal gear you might think about:

  • Woolen socks
  • Woolen hat
  • Gloves
  • Thermal long sleeved top
  • Thermal long johns
  • Silk inner liner

A silk inner liner has a number of benefits. A silk liner adds extra warmth being a natural fiber, cool in summer, warm in winter, keeps your sleeping bag cleaner, can use it to sleep in when when the weather is too hot for the sleeping bag and it is a handy standby.

staying warm step 5Eat well before going to sleep

Bear in mind your body is the main source of heat inside the sleeping bag. The bag fill insulation retains the heat generated by your body metabolism. Never go to bed on an empty stomach if you are camping. Consider eating foods rich in calories which provide your body with fuel during the night and will help you feel sleepy.

stay warm in sleeping bag step 6It is always advisable to go with warm water inside a bottle

This is a great tip. Keeping fresh water in a bottle overnight ensures that you have unfrozen water to drink the following morning. Also, you can use the water to increase warmth inside your sleeping bag by using it as a hot water bottle. To get the water, you can melt snow or heat some water using a camping stove. The heat from your body will ensure the bottled water stays warm for the entire night.

stay warm in your sleeping bags step 7Make sure you toilet before going to sleep

Remember energy generated by your metabolism begins to warm the  sleeping bag immediately you slide in. Getting out of the bag once you have warmed it up, is not advisable, unless you really have to go to the toilet.

If you are fond of peeing in the middle of the night, it is highly recommended you keep a pee bottle beside you to avoid leaving the sleeping bag. Remember to distinguish the pee bottle from the one with fresh water.

Always keep anything else you may require near you before you sleep. This way, you will have a wonderful and enjoyable night in your sleeping bag.

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