33 Best Gifts For Hikers This Season


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In choosing the best gifts for hikers, you are giving a gift to be enjoyed for years to come. Having the best trail gear when you spend a lot of time camping or hiking isn’t a luxury. The right gear keeps you safe, warm and protected against the elements.

There is something so special about spending time outdoors camping and hiking, the beauty of the great outdoors bring us closer in synchronicity to our natural world, soothes our souls tremendously and nourishes that deep primal connection….

If you are looking to treat yourself, or searching for that perfect sleeping bag or camping gift idea for that special recipient, we have put together a list of the most popular, lovely and personal gift ideas for hikers to choose from…

Beautifully Wrapped Gifts For A Hiker…

Who doesn’t love a surprise present, carefully wrapped in gorgeously patterned paper, the thrill of pulling off the satiny smooth ribbon to reveal the thoughtfully chosen gift within. A gift which can be used for years to come when you go camping and brings back heartfelt memories and appreciation of the gift giver.

Here Are Some Ideas For The Best Gifts For Hikers

These are the best gifts for a hiker in the world. And there is nothing better than snuggling into a brand new sleeping bag and lying back under the midnight velvety star and admiring their diamond like brilliance, or cooking up a sumptuous gourmet meal over the campfire on the new camping pans and crawling into that new 2 person tent to settle into a very well deserved slumber after hiking for 20 miles that day…or 5 miles:)

Only The Best Sleeping Bags…

One of the best gifts for hikers is a top quality sleeping bag which keeps you warm and protected. In the early days of hiking, you may have spent a trip or two shivering in your tent, unable to sleep because your teeth were chattering SO loudly. That was before you understood the importance of owning the right gear for your backpacking trips!

When you are out on the trail, choosing the best sleeping bag is crucial for warmth, safety, comfort and most of all, helping your body get that all important rest. A good bag gives you the right balance between weight, functionality, warmth and comfort to give you a restorative nights rest.

A good sleeping bag needn’t cost the earth. Having said that, as its one of the most important items out on the trail for your wellbeing, I suggest you buy the best sleeping bag you can afford. The comfort and pleasure it will bring in years to come will be well worth the initial outlay

Here are 3 choices of the best sleeping bags which make great camping gifts for men.


TETON Sports TrailHead +20F Ultralight Sleeping Bag

An ultralight sleeping bag offers you all the comfort of a regular sleeping bag. Ultralight means the bags are designed to keep you warm, significantly reducing the weight of your pack. Give the gift of a well made, quality ultralight sleeping bag for hours of camping pleasure.

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TETON Sports Celsius XXL -18C/0F Sleeping Bag

Well known camping brand, Teton, make top-quality sleeping bags designed to last for years. Double layer offset construction, soft brushed poly flannel lining, double taffeta shell plus left and right-hand zippers allow you to zip two bags together for optimal comfort.

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Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag


Coleman have been making camping gear for over 100 years. The mummy style North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag features Coletherm insulation, diamond ripstop polyester shell, polyester lining, fits people up to 6′ 2″ and ensures a durable high quality sleeping bag.

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 The Best Hiking and Camping Tents…

Hands up, who are those folks who love a top quality tent to keep them warm when hiking? Choosing the best backpacking tent is one of the best gifts for hikers to ensure their comfort, safety and enjoyment of those hiking trips.
A good-quality tent doesn’t need the cost a fortune and that will provide excellent storm protection to keep you safe, dry and warm.

The majority of backpacking tents for hiking and camping are available in 1, 2, 3 persons and upwards in size.

They are available a range of weights from 2 lbs ultralight hiking tents for backpacking to the heavier canvas styles which can fit up to 10 people or more for family camping.


Sundome 2 Person Tent Available In 2 Color Choices

The Coleman Sundome sleeps 2 hikers and is 33 % more water resistant than most other tents. 7 x 5 ft with a 4ft centre height, this tent provides extreme weather protection. It features 1 large door, 1 hooded rear window for ventilation, plus a hooded fly. Freestanding design means fast set up and taken down in 5 minutes.



Weanas Waterproof Double Layer 2, 3, 4 Person 

The Weanas is a top quality backpacking tent available in 2, 3, 4 person sizes. It’s a 3 season waterproof tent with a waterproof index of over 4000mm. Large rainfly means you can store muddy shoes, packs etc to keep them dry overnight. Strong aluminum poles makes it easy to set up in minutes.



Coleman Hooligan Tent for 2, 3, 4 Person

The lightweight Coleman Hooligan tent is another favorite.  This 1 pole design offers excellent ventilation, full-length rainfly and large vestibule. Perfect for accommodating 2, 3 or 4 people, Coleman’s Weather Tec System suits all conditions. Color coded for fast set up with shock corded fibreglass poles.

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 The Best Sleeping Mats For Camping…

klymit-sleeping-padAt the end of a long day of hiking most backpackers are so tired, all they want to do is to fall into their sleeping bag and drift off to sleep. One of the most important items to take backpacking is a great sleeping pad for a good nights rest.

A top quality sleeping pad is critical for keeping you warm by insulating your body for the cold ground, as well as providing a layer of soft comfort for your body to sink into.

The best sleeping pads come in a range of prices and options from inexpensive foam pads for around $25 right up to a top-notch air pad for around $180. If you’re going to get a lot of use from your sleeping pad, then we recommend you get high-quality pad which will last you for years to come. Watch the delight on your partners face as you give them one of the best gifts for hikers, the most comfortable sleeping pad for the best nights sleep.

Both air pad and foam pads can be very light and comfortable. Foam pads are more affordable and fast to set up. However, they are considerably more bulky. Which is why we have focused on air pads as great camping gifts for men and women because of their comfort factor. Everyone wants to sleep well out on the trail!


Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad

The Klymit Static V2 is a popular choice of lightweight sleeping pads for hikers. The unique “body mapped v-shape” design  limits air movement & heat loss for optimal stability, comfort and support. A big bonus is its 3 inches wider than the standard sleeping pad size. Available in 5 colors, it only takes 10 to 15 breaths for fast inflation.



ALPS Mountaineering Comfort Series Air Pad

Alps Mountaineering have designed this Comfort Series air pad for warmth, performance, comfort and durability. Fast to inflate and deflate with JetStream foam and brass noncorrosive valves. The top has a soft suede like fabric, while the bottom has anti-slip PVC dots which prevent your sleeping pad slipping around the tent.



Thermarest LuxuryMap Mattress



3 Inches of Extra Thick Comfort. The Thermarest LuxuryMap Mattress is a complete game changer when it comes to comfy trail sleep. 3 Inch thick diecut full density foam reduces pressure points from hard ground. You get superior comfort and warmth with the Luxury Map softness. One of the best camping gifts for hard core hikers!

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 The Best Camping Pillows Make Gift Ideas For Hikers…

Serious hard-core hikers quite possibly don’t use camping pillows…. They will roll up their clothes and fashion them into a suitable pillow. Well, personally I have to say my camping pillow is an essential item for me, I love my comfort. I love waking up in the morning without a cricked, stiff or sore neck. And that makes for a great start to a days hike on the trail. I’m probably a better person too -just ask Cynthia… Cynthia gave me one of the best gifts for hikers, a Therm -A-Rest camping pillow.

There are a few different types of designs of camping pillows, the best ones being inflatable. These inflatable camping pillows compress right down into a tiny size, and take up the least amount of space in your pack in comparison to those pillows made from foam or beads.

Many pillows feature a nice soft surface on the upper, with a nonslip base so your camping pillow doesn’t skid away in the night on a slippery sleeping bag surface. They come in a range of amazing colors, especially such brands as the well loved Therm-A -Rest. They work well to make a good backrest when you are leaning up against a log in the evenings. In fact, a top-quality camping pillow actually has quite a few benefits for hikers…


Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow


6 Funky colors and patterns make up the best selling range of Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillows. Camping pillows are not a luxury  for a good nights sleep out on the trail. Inflatable pillow such as the Therm-a-Rest allow you to inflate to the most comfortable height for you. They roll down into a tiny size to fit into your pack.



ONWEGO Best Self Inflating Travel Pillow

ONWEGO make this contoured inflatable camping pillow in 7 eye-popping fun colors. Designed to cradle your head and support your neck, it’s completely adjustable to suit. 20in x 12in. inflated. It packs down to a tiny size – weighs just 10.5 oz. The top is soft, with a non slip back to stop it moving.



Inflatable Compressible Camping Pillow

Inspired Equipment inflatable camping pillows mean you will never wake up with a stiff neck again! These affordable pillows measure 19.6 inches in length when fully inflated. Made from 190 thread polyester they are designed to be nonslip and wipe clean. Available in orange and green.

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The Best Hiking Backpacks…

Lightweight backpacks are the best option for day walks or 5 treks in the mountains as they are much more comfortable. One of the heaviest things you will take on your trip is your backpack, so it makes sense to start reducing your overall weight by choosing the best lightweight backpack.

Make sure you choose a backpack that will last you for many years to come and thousands of miles. You don’t have to to spend a fortune on a good piece of equipment. Having said that it’s a good idea to choose a good-quality hiking backpack made by a well-known outdoors brand. They make excellent camping gifts for men, women and kids as every one can use a multi-functional backpack.

Keep in mind the volume of your bag, as that’ll limit how much gear you can carry. Most backpackers can easily pack their gear into a 40-50L pack. , On the other hand, you may want to take a lot more gear, then choose a pack with  large volume!

Design features in lightweight packs don’t need to have all the latest bells and whistles. Keep the elements simple and streamlined as your backpack is simply a pack to carry your other gear comfortably. You don’t need loads of zippers, pouches, excess compartments or straps…The TETON Sports Oasis1100 Hydration Backpack does include a 2L hydration bladder which is pretty handy though… When thinking about choosing the best gifts for hikers, a great backpack is an essential, must have item.


TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack; Free Rain Cover Included


The quality of the Scout 3400 is usually found in more expensive packs which makes its affordability excellent. 55L backpack with aluminum frame, weighing 4.5 lbs, measuring 30″ X 17″ X 12″. Front / side compression straps secure your tent & sleeping bag. Zippered pockets, plus internal / external hood pockets. Padded waist and shoulder straps for extra comfort.



OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L with Waterproof Backpack Cover

outdoormaster-hiking-backpack-50l-with-waterproof-backpack-cover The OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack is a very affordable 50L hiking pack in 7 great colors. There are plenty of pockets to store all your bits and pieces, even your 15.6″laptop! The thick padded fabric straps sit comfortably on shoulders and waist, air ventilation system keeps your back cool. Waterproof cover for heavy rain, placid exterior has been treated to be water repellent



TETON Sports Oasis 1100 2 Liter Hydration Backpack; Free Rain Cover Included


The TETON Sports Oasis1100 Hydration Backpack weighs a tiny 2 lbs with 18L of pack space. It’s one of the smaller packs for hiking, measuring 18.5 ” x 10″ x 7″. An added bonus is the 2 L hydration food grade bladder with triple-heat sealed edges is puncture resistant. Wide mesh shoulder straps with ventilated foam, plus chest shock absorbers keep you comfortable. 3 Zipper pkts, loads of storage space.

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The Best Travel Mugs…

Finding the best travel mug is a necessity with living a busy life on the go…and why should you miss out on the little pleasures of life such as a warming cup of steaming coffee. Luckily these travel mugs do double duty and work just as well to keep drinks icy cold for hours, a great way to cool down after a sweaty episode of exercise.

These 3 carefully chosen mugs enjoy rave reviews, are all made from top quality, food grade materials from well known brands. These mugs make a great gift ideas for hikers and for everyone who appreciates a stylish design in their travel mugs.


TContigo AUTOSEAL Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

gifts for hiking enthusiasts

The Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug with its easy clean lid is a clear winner. The lid pivots to open easily without hitching and the Autoseal stops accidental spills on the go. Double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel mug in 9 stunning colors keeps beverages hot up to 5 hours: cold for up to 12 hours. 100% BPA free



Contigo SnapSeal Byron Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug, 20oz

best gift for hikers

Contigo make quality products. The Contigo SnapSeal Byron Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug is a lrager capacity mug which keeps your coffee hot for up to 7 hours.THERMALOCK Vacuum Insulation keeps drinks cold for up to 18 hours! perfect for the morning dash to the office and designed to fit most car cup holders



RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler Perfect Insulation in 6 Funky Colors

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RTIC 30oz cup brings you 2 walls of stainless steel with an inner vacuum between for the ultimate in insulation for that perfect temperature.
The shatterproof clear lid lets you see where the liquid level is at a glance. Use your RTIC for steaming hot coffee on the way to work, or a creamy cocktail….Available in 6 luscious colors for the whole family, mom, dad, kids.

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The Best Camping Hammocks…

Another one of the great gifts for a hiker is a hammock as they can get so much use on the trail and at home. A hammock instantly suggests relaxation, rest and time for you. They curve around you, holding you in a naturally supportive curve, allowing your body to sink into them.

These are a great addition to take hiking as treating yourself to an afternoon rest after a day on the trail and your feet are hot and a little tired is perfect. I highly recommend using them at home also. A pleasant way to spend a lazy afternoon is to first put a blanket down in the hammock under you, jump in with a light throw and a pillow. Add a good book, a cool drink and its amazing how restorative a sleep in the fresh air is. You’ll have energy to burn for the rest of the day. Plus that, kids are naturally drawn to hammocks.

Our 2 boys wriggle and happily squabble in ours, turn upside down like Batman and annoy the living daylights out of each other with shrieks of laughter. Forget electronics – get a hammock, you’d be surprised how much fun they are.


Bear Butt #1 Double Parachute Camping Hammock

gifts for the hiker

93% of reviews are 5 star. Taking a hammock for hiking isn’t a luxury- they can get use everywhere from on the trail use to hours of fun and relaxation for the whole family in the backyard.. The Bear Butt hammock is super light in weight, compresses right down, measuring 10’x 6, takes a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs and more, and is rip proof



Legit Camping Lightweight Parachute Double Hammock, 14 Colors

unique gifts for hikers

With a lifetime warranty, this Double Camping Hammock from Legit Camping is you’ll need to relax in complete comfort on your next camping trip. Available in 14 great colors, its Military-grade 210T tough nylon fabric is lightweight with a 400-pound capacity. Includes steel carabiners, rope and tree friendly straps.



The Ultimate Single & Double Camping Hammocks: 8 Color Choices

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Wise Owl Outfitters guarantee their hammocks are so comfortable you will feel you are being cradled in the arms of Mother Nature herself:) Their double & single hammocks are made from super strong parachute nylon fabric – 210T Nylon. They compress into their attached stuff bags so you can sleep gazing up into the night sky.

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The Best Water Bottles…

the-best-water-bottles-for-camping-and-hikingWhether you are out on the trail hiking, going for a run or a trip in the car across country, taking a good size water bottle is a must. make sure you choose a good quality water bottle made from either 100% BPA free materials or preferably, stainless steel.

A good stainless steel bottle will last you countless years. They are tough and indestructible. Many now have double walls with a vacuum in between which keeps your coffee, tea, Kombucha, bone broth or beer at the right degrees of warmth or coldness.

These 3 water bottles are made by well known brands and are available in a range of sizes plus a fabulous choice of colors! We could happily have one in each color in the Healthy Human Water Bottle Stein and Nalgene range… These bottles make perfect gifts for a hiker, a good friend and for the family.


Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle, 1-Quart

gift ideas for campers

Nalgene make the best BPA free water bottles and the 1-Quart Tritan Wide Mouth Water Bottle is a best seller. The Tritan offers superior impact resistance, perfect for out on the trail. Suitable for both warm and cold drinks with a temp range of -40 to 212 degrees F. Dishwasher safe. Can also accommodate most water filters.



Healthy Human Stainless Steel Water Bottle Stein 4 Sizes & 12 Colors

gifts for outdoorsy girl

Made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel and is 100% BPA free. Double walled insulated vacuum technology keeps your tea, coffee, iced water or bone broth at the best temperature. Available in 13 bright colors & sizes 16 oz, 21 oz, 32 oz, 40 oz. Inc. Carabiner, Steel Lined Lid, Woven / Cotton Bag & Hydro Guide.



Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle – Leak Proof Twist Cap – BPA Free

camping gifts for kids

The Nomader is a unique 22 ounce collapsible water bottle which is guaranteed to never shatter, leak or dent and is backed by a lifetime warranty. The patented locking twist cap stops those annoying spills and even better, it’s 100% BPA free and eco friendly water bottle. Made from 100% food-grade silicone with a rigid insulated sleeve.

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The Best Camping Coffee Pots…

gifts-for-a-hikerWe felt some of the best gifts for hikers definitely had to include a camping coffee pot! There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t miss your daily cup of coffee when you are out hiking…

In fact, Cynthia and I feel it’s one of the nicest ways to begin the day. Putting the stainless steel camping coffee pot on the portable camp stove, and smelling the delicious aroma of percolating coffee brewing wafting through the clear air.

Drinking a steaming hot mug of coffee while watching the glorious sunrise over the mountaintops, listening to the birds singing and drinking in the view spread out before us is incomparable.


Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite 8-Cup Coffee Percolator

camping technology gifts for him

The Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite 8-Cup Coffee Percolator is a heavy duty percolator which features a permanent filter basket, no messy paper filters. True connoisseurs know the best coffee comes from a freshly percolated pot, extracting a full, rich flavor. A perfect way to begin the day on the trail…

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GSI Outdoors Glaicer Stainless Percolator with Silicone Handle, 12 Cup


The Glacier Stainless is a 12-cup percolator made of heavy-gauge, 18/8 marine grade stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant. Made from Lexan® resin, heat resistant silicone handle and Percview viewing dome,this 3 piece percolator system has a seamless construction. Perfect to use on a camping stove.

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Coleman 12 Cup Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Percolator

camping and hiking gear gifts

Make coffee for the whole gang at the campsite with the Coleman 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator. Durable, and corrosion-resistant, it is designed to stand up to heavy use. This camping coffee pot features a large handle plus a clear glass knob in the lid to see when the brew is ready. Use on a camp stove.

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The Best Portable Camping Lanterns…

One definite must take item when you go hiking or camping is a good camping lantern with a powerful light ouptput. LED camping lanterns provide a powerful light source when and where needed.

Lighting up your camping area around dusk or in the tent increases your comfort and safety. There is nothing worse than fumbling around in the dark trying to find items, playing games, reading, cooking your dinner or taking a toilet break in the pitch black night….

This is why we had to include a camping lantern in our best gifts for hikers list this season. Of course, you can use them at home when you have blackouts, hurricanes or for the kids. If you have ever been on a camping trip with the kids, you will find one of these very useful.

Look for a camping lantern that is collapsible, made from top grade materials with long battery life as well as strong light output. LEDs are a good choice to buy as camping gifts for men as they use only 75 % of the energy that traditional incandescent bulbs use. They also last up to 25 times longer. Make sure they are lightweight for keeping pack weight down.


Divine LEDs 2 Pack Ultra Bright Collapsible Outdoor LED Camping Lantern

camping gifts for dad

Divine LEDs are the real thing. Their clever collapsible design makes them SUPER lightweight and compact. Handmade from military grade, water resistant plastic, they are extra durable. 30 different individual premium LEDs give maximum brightness & is compatible with rechargeable batteries.

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Etekcity 2 Pack Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern, Collapsible

outdoor gifts for him

Etekcity make this pack of 2 collaspible LED camping lanterns which are ULTRA BRIGHT. The 30 individual low powered LED bulbs give you 360° of luminous light with a long lifespan. Extremely lightweight and designed from military grade materials, it takes up very little space. You can hang or carry the lantern

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AYL StarLight, Water Resistant, Shock Proof, 100,000 Hours, Collapsible

best gifts for campers

AYL StarLight camping lantern uses LED bulbs putting out 600 lumens of crystal clear light. 100,000 hours of use means this light works for 6 days straight, no need to take extra batteries! Water resistant, shockproof and lightweight with 3 light settings-Low, High and Flashing strobe. Inc a hanging hook

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The Best Headlights For Camping…

camping gift ideas

Why buy a headlamp? The question is, why wouldn’t you? These are the most useful accessories out on the trail. They are 100% hands free which offers a huge advantage over a flashlight.

Around camp when you are setting up your tent in the dark, cooking a meal or relaxing and reading, the ability to easily direct extra light wherever you need with just a nod of your head, is a huge advantage you’ll quickly appreciate.

A few things to look out for when buying the best camping headlight is the beam distance. Many lights over the $30 mark offer spotlight mode which casts an impressively long beam. This can be a big asset when looking for things in the dark, such as tent pegs, the camp stove, or even the poorly marked trail back to your campsite or car…

An outstanding benefit is they are compact and lightweight. They take up very little space in your pack, and the lightest models weigh less than an ounce.

Many of the higher quality lights are designed from tough, durable materials, capable of offering sufficient water resistance to work in rain storms, Check for an IPX-4 rating. Some are even waterproof to a depth of 1 meter, IPX-7 rating. This makes them particularly attractive when weather tends to be unpredictable.

Good quality camping headlights make great camping gifts for the whole family. Kids especially get hours of fun out in the dark, scaring themselves silly at night…. Plus they are useful for settling children down at night and helping them feel safe.


LE Headlamp LED, 4 Modes Headlight, Battery Powered Head Light

outdoor gifts for boys

The LE gives 4 lighting modes, 3 levels of WHITE light brightness and a RED Flashing mode. Weighs only 2.85oz, the LE is weatherproof with an IP44 rating. Its elastic headband is adjustable and the beam is up to 20+ feet on its brightest, perfect for working or running.

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Brightest Led Headlamp Flashlight with Red Lights for Outdoors

gifts for outdoor men

The VITCHELO® V800 PREMIUM CREE LED Headlamp with its red led light is SUPER BRIGHT, shining up to 110 meters. 6 Levels of light for all situations with an adjsutable beam angle of 45°. CREE R3 cool white w/reflector 168 lumens last for 120 hours, plus its waterproof

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InnoGear 5000 Lumen Bright Headlight Headlamp 3 CREE XM-L2 T6 LED

gifts for a hiker

The InnoGear 5000 Lumen is one of the brightest headlights for camping. 3 CREE XM-L2 T6 LED with 5000 lumen gives you ample light. Its 90°rotatable as well as waterproof and heatproof with up to 4-6 hours working time on full charge. Takes rechargeable batteries

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Choosing The Best Gifts For Hikers…

Choosing the perfect gift for an avid hiker can give years of pleasure, as well as keeping them safe, warm and add a level of comfort in the trip. Finding the best gifts for hikers is made easier for you with our top choices of unique camping gifts for the whole family. Give the gift of a warm sleeping bag to keep them toasty at night, the best camping lantern to see by, or a coffee pot to enjoy that first cup of comfort on a cold morning. Being outdoors in nature is one of life’s great pleasures. Why not make your trip comfortable with a few of life’s essentials to make it a truly memorable experiencing….:)

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