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Top Six sleeping bag light

6 Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags For 2106


 Whether you are hiking, camping, or climbing, one of the crucial factors when buying the best sleeping bag is a bag that is convenient to carry and pack. Well, ultralight sleeping bags offer you all the comfort associated with a regular  sleeping bag but remains convenient as a result of its light weight. Bag size, […]

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nude in sleeping bag

Sleeping Naked in a Sleeping Bag, Warmer or Not?


 Sleeping bags are designed to offer users comfort and warmth. They are popular with campers as they are easy to carry and a provide a simple solution to sleeping well when camping out. There are many myths surrounding what you should wear in your sleeping bag. Some people state that sleeping naked in a sleeping […]

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mummy square bag

Square vs Mummy Sleeping Bags Comparison


 Are you going on a much anticipated camping or hiking expedition? Are you facing difficulty in choosing the right sleeping bag for your needs?     In this article we will take a look at the various choices on offer to help you in selecting the best sleeping bag for your camping trip. There are […]

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Top 6 Best Sleeping Bags For Kids Under $60


 Kids who tend to sleep better are healthy in every aspect of their lives. They grow faster, perform better in class and remain active in everything they do. As a matter of fact, this is something that has been proven by many studies. So, how do you give them a better sleep? How do you […]

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tip stay warmer in a sleeping bag

7 Tips For Staying Warm In Your Sleeping Bag


 Whenever you are planning to go camping in warm or cold weather, it is always advisable to take your sleeping bag. Knowing the tricks to keep warm in your sleeping bag is vital. We share some of tips and tricks on how to stay warm in your sleeping bag. And, you don’t have to pile […]

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