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Checklist For Camping: The World’s Best List


 Today you’ve walked some beautiful trails, enjoyed some physical challenges scaling some awesome peaks for incredible views and right now you’d really enjoy a well deserved warm meal….No warm meal as you find you’ve forgotten the vital link- the camp stove! Our 100 + item list won’t let you do that trick again.

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10 Wilderness Survival Techniques And Tips


 Live and learn…When it comes to making mistakes in the wilderness some are small and trivial, but others could be life-threatening. Keeping the basic wilderness survival techniques and tips in mind whilst packing and out on the trail WE’VE all made little mistakes in our hiking adventures, but it’s what we learn from them that […]

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5 Tips On Waterproofing Tents For Camping


 What’s the deal with waterproofing tents for camping? Well, as you can imagine, your tent will have some level of waterproofing that has been added when it was first manufactured. Many hardcore campers like to add extra waterproofing to their tents to enhance what has already been applied. It’s still up in the air whether […]

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5 Tips For Tent Care And Maintenance


 Camping. It’s that time of year we always look forward to as it means we will be outside a lot. It also means we will spend a lot of time getting up close and personal with nature and all it offers. What we always like to do before we get deep into another camping season […]

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27 Hiking Tips and Trail Etiquette Rules For Hiking Safety


 Hikers behaving badly… here is our  unofficial list of Hiking Tips and Trail Etiquette Rules. There’s one in every group right? Someone who just manages to inadvertently rub everyone up the wrong way by being completely clueless when out on a hike. Well, with a few of these pointers and tips, there doesn’t have to […]

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5 Best Ultralight Tents For Backpacking


 Choosing the right is one of these important decisions that can have the biggest influence on your traveling experience. Which is why we’ll take a look at the 5 best ultralight tents for backpacking and what are the benefits of each ultralight backpacking tent… And, that is after choosing the best sleeping bag of course! […]

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