Coleman Big Game 0 Degree Big Tall Sleeping Bag Review For Performance


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big and tall sleeping bagsOversized, tough, strong and super durable, the Coleman Big Game 0 Degree Big Tall Sleeping Bag is the sleeping bag offering major benefits when you want a bag which delivers extra length to suit tall people, cosy warmth down to -5 degrees F and well insulated, padded comfort.

Coleman have over 100 years of experience in the camping, outdoors industry and this sleeping bag has loads of 5 star reviews to prove its popularity.

Loads Of Features

The Coleman big game -5 degree big and tall sleeping bag includes the benefits of tough, canvas outer cover, 2-way zipper, superior heat retention technology and king-size specifications, which make it ideal for most users.

This bag compares very closely with the Grizzly 2 Person Rip Stop Sleeping Bag in terms of coziness and comfort levels


large sized sleeping bag for tall people


Key Features Of The Coleman Big Game 0 Degree Big Tall Sleeping Bag

1. Coletherm Insulation for Maximum Comfort

The Coleman Big Game 0 Degree Big Tall Sleeping Bag incorporates the highly effective Coletherm Insulation technology, with FibreLock construction, keeping insulation evenly distributed across the bag for the ultimate in even warmth distribution. The benefit of Fibrelock  technology means there will be no cold spots anywhere in the sleeping bag, even when it gets down to -5 degrees F.

Why is Coletherm Insulation So Good?

Coletherm Insulation offers the utmost comfort  in terms of even heat distribution and protection in sub-zero temperatures. Sometimes, when you are camping, temperatures can drop suddenly without warning. A substandard sleeping bag will leave users freezing cold. Campers less accustomed to cold weather or people with health issues will get great value from this sleeping bag.

Coleman Big Game 0 Degree Big Tall Sleeping Bag

2. Coleman Big Game  Super King-Sized Dimensions

The Big Game 0 Degree Big Tall Sleeping Bag  offers an oversized  sleeping bag: measureing a roomy 40” x 85,” making it a must for people of all sizes and especially for people up to 6″ 5″ tall. This is a real bonus as a tall person can snuggle right down into the bag with ease.

Brushed Flannel Inner Liner Plus Pillow

The inner liner is a soft brushed flannel for extra comfort and a nice touch is the included pillow, also covered in the machine washable, brushed flannel cotton. The pillow measures 20″ x 12″.

People who have used this sleeping bag have returned positive reviews in terms of its dimensions and internal space.

3. Two-Way Zipper On The Coleman Big Game 0 Degree Big Tall Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag that doesn’t allow enough air circulation can be uncomfortable on those warmer nights. One major advantage of this sleeping bag is you can open the 2 way zipper at the bottom to allow air movement if you get too warm.

Zip 2 Bags Together For More People To Jump In

Moreover, the zippers are strong and user-friendly. If you want to add extra sleeping bags together for a romantic weekend away in the wilds of Montana, no problem. You can zip the Coleman big game -5 degree big and tall sleeping bag together to use as a quilt on top of your ALPS Mountaineering self inflating air mattress.

Coleman Big Game Big Tall Sleeping Bag Pros:

  • Over sized Sleeping Bag for people up to 6″ 5″ tall
  • Cotton flannel pillow measuring 20″ by 12″ for enhanced comfort.
  • Designed with ComfortSmart Technology for optimum heat retention.
  • Full-cover construction locks in heat by eliminating quilting cold spots
  • Thermolock™ System prevents heat loss through the zipper
  • Two-way no-snag patented zipper plows fabric away from the zipper
  • Zip two together for double the room
  • Cotton canvas cover for enhanced toughness and comfort.
  • Designed with an attached carrier for easy rolling and carrying.
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Fully machine washable

large sized sleeping bag for tall people

coleman big game -5 degree big and tall sleeping bagCustomer Reviews and Scores

This sleeping bag has attracted loads of reviews with high star ratings. All customers enjoyed the tough durability and warmth of this sleeping bag offers. Many customers were thrilled with the extra length, allowing them to comfortably “sprawl” and move arms and legs with ease.

Most everyone reviewed the Coleman big game -5 degree big and tall sleeping bag in positive terms.


Customers who expressed dissatisfaction in this product argued that it was too bulky for comfort. However, the size of this sleeping bag is meant to enhance the warmth levels.

Other customers commented the rolling technique is complex. This sleeping comes with an-easy-follow manual that enhances the advantages of setting up and portability.



The choice of a strong and warm sleeping bag is usually made with consideration for the circumstances in which you will use it. Comfort, size, length, width, warmth, technical advantages, and logistical benefits. Aesthetics also play a great role for many campers  who want to own a high quality sleeping bag. The Coleman Big Game 0 Degree Big Tall Sleeping Bag definitely fulfills all these conditions.

how to roll coleman big game sleeping bag

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