3 Tips You Need to Know When Choosing A Sleeping Bag


Have you ever been on a backpacking trip or overnight camp, but did not bring a sleeping bag with you? Then, after a long day of playing and hiking, it was time to sleep and you were looking forward to a good sleep because your body was completely fatigued after the day’s adventure…Did you know choosing a sleeping bag with the right fill, shape and temperature rating could make or break your camping trip, both physically and emotionally…

So you creep inside the tent only to find you were frozen to death in the middle of the night because you were not warm enough, the blankets fell off, or you were tossing and turning because the mattress on which you were sleeping was not the least bit comfortable….

So ultimately what was supposed to be a great vacation, was ruined, you were left exhausted and cranky because of lack of sleep. If you don’t want to spoil your next vacation, then it is high time you spend some time choosing a sleeping bag for yourself that will deliver you a sweet nights rest!.

Choosing a Sleeping Bag

Top 3 Tips T Look For When Choosing A Sleeping Bag

The story goes Freyidis Eiriksdottir invented the first ever sleeping bag while she was on her trip back to North America in 1000 A.D.She made the sleeping bag from one of the sails of the ship in which she was traveling.

Sleeping bags have of course, come a long way since Freyidis traveled around the world and manufacturers have been paying a great deal of attention to the needs of the consumers. Now, modern day sleeping bags are available for every type of trip, whether it be it hunting, adventure, fishing, canoeing, mountain climbing or hiking.

Choosing a sleeping bag, a bag to suit your needs, is indeed the second most important thing to buy after the tent. The bags are available in several types, depending upon outside temperature and personal preference.

The size, shape, fabric feel, room to move etc should be properly tested when choosing a sleeping bag, just as you would purchase a mattress for your home.

Weather conditions play a very important role in deciding what type of sleeping bag you will need for your trip. If the conditions are dry and warm, you will need a bed-roll or a light weight fleece bag. If the weather is cool or cold, you will need a warm sleeping bag to suit the conditions you will be experiencing .

Important Criteria Before Choosing A Sleeping Bag And Paying

There are several types of sleeping bags available in the market. The bags not only come in different models and company manufacturers, but are also available in different temperature ratings, shapes, materials and weights.

So, knowing how to choose the best sleeping bag is very important before making the final purchase. Some of the recommendations outlined under the following headings can help you select the ideal sleeping bag and make your trip pleasant:

How to Choose Sleeping Bag step 1Fill/Material Is No 1 When Choosing A Sleeping Bag. Buyer Beware

Sleeping bags are made with either natural or synthetic material. The natural materials can include wool, cotton or down. The natural materials can be problematic as they a have high moisture retention rate which can completely ruin the run if the bag gets wet, take days to dry and the natural fill can become lumpy.

We recommend choosing a sleeping bag with synthetic fill, not only it can repel water, but also dries quickly if it comes in contact with water. Synthetic sleeping bags are machine washable and dry quickly. The synthetic filling stays lofty. Synthetic fill based sleeping bags are suitable for all types of weather conditions.

How to Choose a Sleeping Bag step 2Shape Is Important When Choosing A Sleeping Bag

The shape of the bag is very important when you are choosing a sleeping bag. Generally, the bags are available in 2 shape types:

mummy  and square.

The mummy shaped bags are superior as they taper from head to the foot, reducing the surface area and volume to keep warm. Since the zipper is available on one side only, heat cannot escape easily. They are  smaller in size and is very easy to carry.

A square sleeping bag, named because of the square finish to the ends, are perfect for family camping as you can get double sleeping bags, those wanting to join sleeping bags together, needing more room to move in the bag and overall increased comfort.

Choosing Sleeping Bag step 3Temperature Rating Is A Vital Aspect When Choosing A Sleeping Bag

The biggest factor you should consider before choosing a sleeping bag is its overall temperature rating.

If you plan to use the bag in warmer regions, we recommend you do not to buy a zero degree bag. The zero degree sleeping bags are ideal if you are hiking in Alaska or similar cold places.

If you are going camping in the summer season, 30 degree sleeping bags will be suitable.

You do need to plan properly for time of the year you want to go camping, and in what regions.

No matter where you are camping, the most important accessory you need in your outdoor gear, is your sleeping bag. These 3 tips and guidelines will help you in choosing a sleeping bag which offers you comfort and a good nights  sleep, ready to tackle the adventures the next day may bring…

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