Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag Review: Bigger, Better Tougher


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Grizzly by Black Pine 2 Person Sleeping BagA comfortable sleep when camping or hiking is everyones  dream. Choosing the right sleeping bag should always begin with the sleeping bag design and benefits it offers. The Grizzly 2 person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag is one sleeping bag which offers those  benefits of comfort, high warmth levels and tough durability which Grizzly is known for against the terrors of cold weather and the discomfort of substandard camping.

This sleeping bag is 100 percent polyester, which gives it the double advantage of quality and durability. It is both user-friendly and aesthetically appealing with its Autumnal coloring


My Delightful Experience with the Product

“I recently bought the Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag when my partner insisted that we needed a larger sleeping bag ahead of our camping trip with the family. The timing of our family camping trip happened to coincide with weather conditions which were certainly not great, especially with 2 smaller children!

I must admit this sleeping bag turned out to be a godsend for the low temperatures. Our kids spent whole hours in the warmth and coziness of this bag playing games happily while it rained. My partner and I slept very well. It is a very comfortable bag and certainly kept us toasty” Carolyn

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Features Of The Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag

Durable Rip Stop Shell

The durable RipStop Shell is one of the prominent features making this sleeping bag ideal for sub-zero temperatures. The shell is designed with two layers to increase its capacity for uniform heat distribution. The shell has an incredible capacity to trap and retain heat, despite the relatively large size of the bag.

Occupants can remain warm for long hours and in comfort, regardless of the intensity of the cold. As such, this bag is ideal for people who feel the cold.

There are actually 2 options for the shell on the grizzly. While we much prefer the synthetic shell, it is available in a cotton duck canvas.

Both the cotton duck canvas and polyester Ripstop models feature two-layer offset construction, ensuring the seams don’t overlap to prevent cold spots.

Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag  Fill

The fill in the Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag is 100% polyester microfiber fill, designed with the ultimate of warmth benefits in mind. The microfiber fill along with the double offset layer of quilting combine to make this a very functional and warm sleeping bag.

The benefits of 100% polyester fill are many over a down fill. Polyester is light, it compresses down easily, it regains its loft quickly after being stuffed in its stuff sack, if the microfiber fill gets wet, it dries quickly out in the sun and wind and it is machine washable for hygiene reasons.

Zipper on Both Sides Of The Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag

It is cumbersome to own a sleeping bag with only one zipper. It is even more cumbersome when a sleeping is shared by two people or more. The Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag has the super-large windstop walls along the heavy duty MAXX double zippers on both sides to keep the cold air out which adds to the user-friendliness of the sleeping bag.

It is possible for one user to get in and out of the bag without disturbing the comfort of the other user. The zippers are tough and durable, made to high quality specifications to prevent against damage.

Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag

Large and Comfortable

The Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag has sufficient internal room to accommodate two people with ease. Many users find it supremely spacious when compared to other products on the market. Apart from the advantage of size, this sleeping bag is tough and comfortable, and has the capacity to withstand extreme conditions without yielding to stress or pressure. The bag is ideal for people of different weights and heights.

If you like the idea of a camping pillow, we have found the perfect Grizzly camping pillow covered in thick plush flannel and filled with synthetic HyperLoft filling for the ultimate in camping comfort. The pillow can double as pillow for sleeping or longing around the camp fire…

Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag Pros;

  • Available in 100% polyester RipStop or Cotton Duck Canvas
  • Two layer off set construction for ultimate warmth
  • Microfiber insulation
  • Over sized draft tubes, and chest baffles
  • Cosy flannel lining
  • Giant built in hood
  • Comes with its own compression storage bag.
  • Remarkably portable.
  • Sufficient space for two.
  • Tough and durable.
  • Comfortable on the skin.

grizzly by black pine sleeping bag

Customer Reviews and Scores

So far, this Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag has attracted 243 reviews with loads of 5 star reviews by customers.

The positive reviewers based their sentiments on the advantages of durability, comfort and warmth. Others liked the zippers on both sides. Many other reviewers recommended this sleeping bag because of high quality 100% polyester fill and the fact it is machine washable and easy care.

Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag Stuff Sack


Some customers felt that this sleeping bag was too bulky for comfort. They thought that a smaller version would have been appropriate for small-sized users. However, this bag’s size has multiple advantages for sufficiency and comfort. Other users felt that the Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag had difficult zippers.

Our Conclusion Of The Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag

Ultimately, the Grizzly 2 Person 0 Degree RipStop Sleeping Bag is a quality sleeping bag at a good price, guaranteeing absolute comfort and warmth for those who want to spend some time camping in comfort,  without adverse consequences. This sleeping bag is ideal for camping because of its portability, flexibility, and toughness.

grizzly 2 person canvas sleeping bag

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