3 Tricks On How to Fix A Stuck Zipper Sleeping Bag


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You love spending time in the great outdoors, you love being in touch and nurtured by mother nature and you love camping. Everything goes well until it is time to go to bed…. You have had a big day of walking and exploring and you are really looking forward to sliding into the cosy warmth of your sleeping bag and drifting off… as you go to unzip the bag, you realize to your horror, the zipper won’t budge! This can be a rage inducing experience, but don’t panic. The good news is you can repair that zipper quite speedily with our top tips on how to fix a stuck zipper sleeping bag and get a good nights sleep.

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The science behind fixing a stuck zipper is in the lubrication. Get some lubricant on the zipper, and you’ll soon be smiling again:)

Here are some common items you can use to fix a stuck zip…

1) How to Fix Stuck Zipper Sleeping Bag With A Bar Of Soap

How to Fix Stuck Zipper Sleeping Bag

A little bar soap has multiple uses in a camp site. You can apply it on the zipper by rubbing the bar of soap into the teeth of the zipper which will most likely provide sufficient lubrication to get it working again. Rub gently on the zipper and around its sides and then give it a try. It should get the stuck zipper free without a struggle.

2) How to Fix Stuck Zipper Sleeping Bag With Candle Wax


How to Fix Stuck Zipper Sleeping Bag


Try rubbing a candle against the zipper gently. After a small application, try the zipper. If it budges up or down, keep attempting to move it gently until you can move it as it should.

After that, clean up any excess wax to avoid making a mess. If possible, try and use uncolored candles to avoid staining the sleeping bag.

3) How to Fix Stuck Zipper Sleeping Bag With Graphite Pencil or Crayon


How to Fix Stuck Zipper Sleeping Bag


Graphite is a natural lubricant and rubbing a pencil gently on the stuck section of the zipper will get it working again. This is especially useful with metal zippers. If you do not have a pencil handy, a crayon works just as well.

How to Fix Stuck Zipper Sleeping Bag Precautions

When using these products on your fabrics, do a spot test to make sure that the product does not damage the fabric. It is is also important to use the smallest amounts of these substances to make it easier to clean up later.

With these tips on how to fix stuck zipper sleeping bag plus these everyday items, you can very easily get your zipper working. If you are out camping, you will find at least one of these everyday objects in your gear that you can use. Hopefully, you will get the zipper working and have a warm night in your sleeping bag.

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