How To Fold A Sleeping Bag


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If you an outdoor person and love camping, hiking or climbing, then you must know how important owning a sleeping bag is. Thus, it’s very important to take good care of it, so as to ensure that it not only meets its purpose but lasts for a long time.

One of the most important ways caring for the sleeping bag is by folding it carefully. In case you are wondering what it takes to learn how to fold a sleeping bag, here’s a guide:

Thoroughly shake out the bag to makes sure that no clothes or gadgets, such as a flashlight, have been left on the inside. Such things could mess up the folding process.

Step 1. Next, lay it flat on the ground/floor as though you are going to sleep in it.


fold sleeping bag step 2

Step 2. Zip it up. Zipping makes it easier for you to keep all the edges together while folding it.

Step 3. Fold the bag into half – lengthwise. Then, line up the edges as closely as possible. This makes it easier to fold as the bag’s straps are usually located on the same side of the bag.


fold your sleeping bag instruction step 3


Step 4. Start rolling the bag from the side where there are no straps. Always make sure  you exert pressure while doing this. You may even choose to kneel on it while rolling it up. This ensures that it takes minimal space.


how to fold a sleeping bag step 4


Finally. Secure the rolled up bag with the straps. This should be done while you’re still exerting pressure on it, like by holding it down with your hands or knees. The last step involves wrapping the straps around it.


how to fold final step

Dos and Don’t s :

Always fold the sleeping bag on a clean surface. To avoid the bag from having an odd shape, make sure its edges are well lined up. To ensure that it’s safe, find a duffel bag to store / carry it with. Never leave a wet bag folded for too long, as it may grow mildew and be ruined.

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