Kelty Sleeping Bags: Gear For Enhancing Comfort and Durability


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About The Kelty Sleeping Bags Company

kelty sleeping bags, Kelty Cosmic 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag Zip OpenThe idea that eventually blossomed into Kelty Sleeping Bag Company was mooted way back in 1952 by Dick Kelty, the visionary founder. Nearly half a century later, Kelty sleeping bags has blazed the trail in its line of business by creating  innovative, high quality sleeping bags and other camping items, which make bring quality, convenience, variety and usefulness to camping or hiking.

Dick Kelty’s penchant for outdoor activities turned entrepreneurial when he began making sleeping bags for his Sierra Club friends whose interest in outdoor excursions required high quality bags that could withstand the elements, and offer the utmost in safety and comfort.

He distinguished his Kelty sleeping bags by offering the advantages of lightness and variations in sizes to cover the diversity of his friends’ preferences and the quest for portability. The use of the lighter aluminum frames and the introduction of the hip-belt gives Kelty products unique originality that has defined their popularity in camping products in the years that have followed.

Kelty Sleeping Bags And Camping Products

Kelty has built an impressive reputation with their wide range of high quality products, which include backpacks, sleeping bags & pads, furniture, camp accessories, kid items, travel accessories and tents & shelters. Among the great sleeping bags under the Kelty brand include SB 20, Women SB 20 and the Ignite Dridown.

The Ignite Dridown – Award-Winning Kelty Sleeping Bags

The Ignite Dridown sleeping bag has the capacity to shrug off melting snow and free the tent from condensation with remarkable efficiency. This feature makes it highly suitable for adverse cold conditions during camping.

Its hood is remarkably comfortable with a great heat-retention capacity. The bag is available in both regular and significantly long sizes. It is also lightweight, which makes it highly convenient for long-distance expeditions. Two types of the bag are available for both genders. Users have found both types warm and comfortable in freezing environments.

Kelty Ignite Sleeping Bag PreviewIgnite Sleeping BagsRating More Details

Kelty Women's Ignite 20-Degree Sleeping Bag, Blue, 5-Feet 8-Inch

4.0 / 5

2 Customer Reviews
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Kelty Cosmic Down 40-Degree Sleeping Bag

3.7 / 5

31 Customer Reviews
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Kelty Cosmic 0 Degree Down Sleeping Bag

4.2 / 5

77 Customer Reviews
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Women’s PK 50 – A Backpack with a Difference

Kelty is widely renowned for its great backpacks that cover various utilities including internal frame, vintage, military, lumbar packs and a range of backpack accessories.

Some of the greatest inventions across the various usages include the Women’s PK 50, Redwing 44, Coyote 80 and Pawnee 55.

The Women’s PK 50 falls among the most favorite backpacks for avid campers. This back pack comes with a compartmentalized design that gives the camper an easy time in organizing and accessing gear. The bag was also designed with a detachable front pocket in case the user wants to carry a lighter weight. It was uniquely designed for women.

Kelty PK 50 Back Packs PreviewKelty PK 50 Back PacksRating More Details

Kelty PK 50 Backpack

3.9 / 5

32 Customer Reviews
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Kelty Women's PK W50 Backpack

4.4 / 5

6 Customer Reviews
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Arcadia – An Ideal Family or Group Tent

Over the times, Kelty has come up with tents of multiple capacities, varying numbers of doors and different levels of usages.

The different tents are used for lightweight backpacking, sun protection, outdoor dining, family camping and other utilities.

Among some of the greatest tents include TN3, Sonic 8, Como 6 and Acadia 2.

The Arcadia is highly favored by large groups of campers and big families. It is easy to set up and remarkably spacious. Previous users endorsed it for its large size and user-friendly advantages.

kelty sleeping bags and tents
Kelty – Acadia 6 – 6 Person Tent

Flashback Mini – A Valuable Camp Accessory

Kelty continues to define memorable moments with innovative, highly resourceful camp accessories such as lighting, shade & shelter, kitchen essentials, sleeping bag accessories, sleeping pads, air beds and trekking poles.

The Flashback Mini was designed with superior advantages that make it easier to handle and operate. It is highly convenient for most hand-held operations.

The flashback comes with an adjustable spotlight and lantern. It is also faster to shift from High to Stroke. Reviewers like it for its great efficiency and reliability.

kelty sleeping bags, Kelty Flashback Mini Lantern

best lantern for camping


The Pathfinder Child Carrier

The Kelty Pathfinder Child Carrier is aesthetically designed with nearly every item that would delight a child in an outdoor environment. It falls in category of departments.

The Pathfinder features beautiful bells and whistles, which should keep a child entertained at home and away. The harness has five points of adjustment for the enhanced comfort of the child.

The main compartment is warm and spacious to give any child a great camping experience. This product appeals to current and previous users because of its aesthetics and the high safety enhancements.

Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Child Carrier

Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Child Carrier


The Kelty sleeping bags company has customized some products to suit the interests of certain groups. For example, the ingenious designers have come up with special Kelty sleeping bags for women, customized sporting goods for men and girls, baby shop goods for departments and unique backpacks for boys. The main categories include the following:

  1. Womens’
  2. Girls’
  3. Men’s
  4. Boys’
  5. Departments
  6. Collections

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