How to Sew Sleeping Bag Liner


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A good sleeping bag liner can add between 5 and 10 degrees of warmth. Despite high quality liners with excellent thermal properties costing between $20 and $60, identical fabric can be purchased separately at a fraction of the price. Below, you will learn how to sew sleeping bag liner with little time and effort.sleeping bag liner sew

Items needed:

  • Material. Determine the size based on the zipped size of your sleeping bag. Double this and ensure the material is all one piece.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Eight large, heavy duty popper fasteners.
  • Needle and strong thread or sewing machine.
  • Scissors.

Steps to Sew Sleeping Bag Liner:

  1. Lay the material flat on the floor and fold in half across one long edge. Place your zipped sleeping bag on top of the folded material. Using this as a guide, cut around the sleeping bag, leaving the folded edge untouched.

2) Ensure the skin-facing side of the material is facing outwards. Stitch around the outside edges approximately 2 centimeters in, leaving the top open for your head.

3) Turn the stitched liner inside out. Turn your zipped sleeping bag inside out and lay out on the floor. Place the eight popper fasteners on the sleeping bag, three equally spaced on the left edge and three on the right, one in the middle of the bottom edge and one in the center of the bag. Place the liner on top of this and sew the poppers to the sleeping bag and the liner. This secures the sleeping bag to the liner to prevent bunching during the night.

4) Remove the liner, turn the sleeping bag the correct way, reinsert the liner and fasten the poppers. The liner should be a few centimeters too large at the head. Fold the excess material inwards and stitch around the top to prevent fraying.


  • When sewing the sleeping bag liner in step 2, adding another line of stitching will increase the liner’s strength.
  • The method of sew sleeping bag liner is simple. Do experiment with various materials. Thin duvets and old bed sheets are excellent choices.
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