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If you haven’t discovered the sleeping bag body suit yet, you don’t know what you are missing. These are basically a sleeping bag that can be worn as a wearable sleeping bag .

Imagine a full body sleeping bag with arms and legs which is versatile and can also be used as a sleeping bag…. How handy would one of these be over your traditional movement restricting bag?

So yes, in answer to your question, there are several benefits that a wearable sleeping bag has over a traditional version.

Benefits of the Sleeping Bag Body Suit

Traditional versions are designed to sleep in when camping or for outdoor activities, particularly in cooler months. There are several different designs of the sleeping bag body suit with some being more like a comforter, while others are more versatile and can double as a sleeping bag suit.

All In One Sleep, Play And Work…

Many of them work well for sleeping and then transition into a warm all in one full coat that allows for ease of movement to carry out daily chores and activities.

This means you can sleep in comfort inside your tent, and then put your hands out through conveniently located holes and go about making breakfast or other outdoor activities like hiking. Full body sleeping bags keep you warm and secure.

Some of the key benefits of this sleeping bag suit includes:

  • Insulation like a sleeping bag to provide warmth
  • Available in different lengths
  • Versatile ( coat/bag for sleeping)
  • Easily portable
  • Very affordable
  • Durable outer wear

Who Needs a Sleeping Bag Body Suit Anyway?

There are a lot of people who would benefit from having a sleeping bag body suit as they are just so sensible! Anyone who is an outdoor enthusiast or likes outdoor adventures like camping, hiking or RVing would find them  convenient. Many times, these enjoyable activities have to be put off during the colder months because it’s  difficult to function in the cold.

Allows You To Be Fully Mobile And Remain Warm

The wearable sleeping bag is versatile enough to provide warmth without limiting a person’s mobility. They can unfold completely and provide for warm nights and comfortable sleeping; and then be shortened using specially made straps so that it functions as a coat without inhibiting the body’s movements.

Designed From Lightweight Materials

Materials used in making a full body sleeping bag are designed to be lightweight so it’s not cumbersome to wear. They are also given a rating which lets the user know what the temperature limits are for the suit. This makes it easier to purchase the model best suited for each individual’s frequent outdoor activities and expected climatic conditions.

Wearable Sleeping Bag Suit Product Comparison

With the growth of the popularity of the wearable sleeping bag, they are getting easier to find on the market. There are distinct benefits and characteristics that each brand is associated with. Here are three popular versions and what makes them stand out.

1) Selk’bag Original 4G

The Selk’Bag Original 4G was originally created in 2006 in conjunction with Lippi Outdoor to create this rapidly growing line of popular sleepwear sleeping bags.

Yes, they do look rather like a space suit don’t they? They are a brilliant invention because you can walk around in them, as well as sleep freely without getting tangled up and twisted in your regular sleeping bag.

The 4G is designed to fit better and be more comfortable.

Sleeping Bag Body Suit Selk’Bag Original 4G Features:

  •  Easy to use hand closure system for easy hand removal and entry
  • Improved Velcro straps at the ankles to keep the suit snug and prevent tripping
  • Soles reinforced by nylon to prevent wear and tear; and provide grip
  • Water resistant finish
  • Soft shell made of polyester using ripstop technology
  •  Insulated hood
  • Includes stuff sack

Loads Of Clever Features

full body sleeping bag They have plenty of ventilation, along with a hood and reinforced feet. Just to make sure you’re not missing out on your social media there is even a pocket for your iPod, your iPhone or your regular phone 🙂

The Selk’bag Original 4G is designed and made from the latest technology with its polyester ripstop shell and water resistant finish which securely wraps around you to keep you dry and warm.

Rated To 35 Degrees F

These wearable sleeping bag suits are rated to 35 degrees Fahrenheit so they make perfect solution for those who feel uncomfortable squeezed into the traditional mummy or rectangular sleeping bags!

Special Quick Release System To Get Out

There is a special quick release hand closure system which allows you to get your hands in and out of the Selk’bag quickly and easily.

These bags have been recently redesigned with Velcro straps around the waist and calls and sleeves to keep the bag in place, allowing your hands free to do stuff as you need, and to walk without tripping over.

wearable sleeping bag suit Reinforced Feet With Lateral Grips

And speaking of walking, there are large nylon reinforced areas on the feet with lateral grips to give you traction on all sorts of surfaces. This is an improvement over previous models where the foot reinforcement wasn’t as good.

And yes, the Selk’bag Original 4G is really easy to get in and out of with its double front entry zippers, as well as a right hip zipper which is just as well when you need to go to the toilet fast!.


sleeping bag body suit


2) Poler Men’s Napsack Wearable Sleeping Bag 2

poler-mens-napsack-wearable-sleeping-bag-2The Poler Men’s Napsack is a wearable sleeping bag which is made from 100% polyester with Thermastuff insulation which is rated to approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Poler Sleeping Bag Napsack really is a perfect accessory for couch surfing, music festivals, summer trips, snowboarding and just the thing for after surfing. If you’re looking to save money on heating over the winter, then this sleeping bag body suit will probably suit you very well. Do you need a nice comfy camping pad as well?

This sleeping bag body suit is relatively new on the market and it definitely ticks boxes of being easy to wear and very useful.

Features Of The Poler Men’s Napsack:

  •  Available in 4 great colors and patterns
  • Suits people from 5 foot to 6 ‘ 8″ tall
  • Constructed of 100% machine washable microfiber polyester
  • Insulation made of polyester microfiber body
  • Large shaped hood with draw cords
  • Versatile – can cinched up and worn as a coat or released to be used for a sleeping bag
  • 18″ x 8″ stuffsack included

 Close Up The Armholes & Bottom For An Instant Sleeping Bag Suit!

There are armholes on the sides where you can pop your arms out to do your everyday tasks while you are at camping or at home. Quite frankly, we love the idea of wearing the Poler sleeping bag suit at home, as it’s a perfect accessory to lounge around in….

When it time to go to sleep, all you need to do is zip up the armholpoler-sleeping-bages from the inside and pull the drawstring tight at the bottom of the bag. Instantly you become snuggled into a soft microfibre sleeping bag with a hood.

Can’t Live Without Your Phone?

In case you can’t live without your phone, there is a chest pocket to store your phone in along with a hole to run your head phone cord through.

The hood has drawstrings which pull in tight around your face to stop any air movement

Available in 4 fun colors, this sleeping bag suit comes with numerous qualities worth the mention.


3) Selk’bag Original 5G

The fun and unique Selk’Bag Original 5G model is a giant step up in quality and usability. The first model, the 4G from the fourth generation Selk’bag is fairly basic in comparison and the price tag is accordingly so … How good would it be to stroll around your campsite without losing cosy warmth…?

This sleeping bag body suit has undergone a complete upgrade  with an improved shell from nylon Ripstop water resistant fabric, quality polyester lining materials and insulated with Krekran ®, all of which offer greater durability which is what you want when you may well be wearing the Selk’bag far more than you bargained for! Krekran ® offers greater thermal efficiency

Selk’bag Original 5G Features include:

  •  Available in 5 great colors: Black, Yellow, Blu, Purple and Sage
  • Super lightweight construction means much lighter wearing
  • Improved fit over other models
  • Features zip off booties
  • Kangaroo style pouch on the front to carry stuff or warm your hands
  • Very portable (comes with carrying sack)
  • Water resistant, stronger lighter Ripstop outer shell
  • Krekran ® provides thermal efficiency
  • Zip  leg vents to reduce overheating
  • Quick-release closure system for easy hand entry
  • Versatile and can be used for fall and weather conditions

No More Drafts!

Selk'bag have pulled out all stops to make this their most brilliant design yet. The shaped hood is insulated for keeping the warmth in. Yes, its true, if your head is cold, you will be cold as so much heat is lost through your head.

To stop further heat loss there is thermal collar which sits in firmly around the head and neck areas to prevent drafts sneaking in. Exaggerated draft tubes to stop heat loss around any of the zipper areas which is great. There is nothing worse than feeling that trickle of cold slowly seeping into your bones through a zip!

Other Features Of The Selk'Bag Original 5G...

There is a large pouch pocket for storage at the front for your hands or "stuff", removable boots which zip off to facilitate easier movement around camp or when you just don't need them attached. Leg vents work well to help regulate temperature inside the bag if you get too hot.

The 5G has a more fitted design which makes for less bulk. There are Velcro straps which keep the rolled up sleeves secure when you are playing the guitar, board games with the kids, cooking or collecting wood for the fire. The overall weight of the bag is under 5 pounds, making it a good choice for camping with its flexible use.

All in all, this is the best wearable sleeping bag by Selk'bag, perfect for sleeping and lounging anywhere.

wearable sleeping bag suit

Why Wear A Wearable Sleeping Bag, Seriously...

Outdoor enthusiasts may find any of these three sleeping bag body suits suitable for use on camping, hiking, or backyard star gazing activities... They are all constructed from materials to provide optimal warmth and comfort while keeping you dry so you can enjoy the outdoors year round. They are all portable, but the Selk’bag lite comes with a handy bag to carry the wearable sleeping bag from one location to another with ease.

Are you are looking for the best ultralight sleeping bags?

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