3 Benefits Of A Sleeping Bag Liner: 3 Of The Best Liners


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Coleman Stratus(TM) Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner
A Sleeping Bag Liner Can Double As A Liner And A Blanket…

A sleeping bag liner is a crucial element for sleeping in a sleeping bag. A liner provides an extra layer of insulation so that it not only adds some warmth, but it can also help you keep the bag clean. It’s versatile enough to also be used as a nice sleep sheet when you need something a little lighter in warmer weather.

So basically, a sleeping bag liner has two basic functions; one is inside the bag, the other is outside. This extra measure of versatility makes them doubly worth the expenditure.

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Coleman Stratus Adult Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner

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Why use a Sleeping Bag Liner?

There are several reasons why a sleeping bag liner is a reasonable purchase. It’s already been discussed that they are useful both inside and outside the sleeping bag. Aside from that point, there are three basic reasons to use a liner.

  • Protect your initial sleeping bag investment
  • Change up the sleep environment
  • Provide for a hygienic environment when sleeping

By using a liner, the sleeping bag will be stay much cleaner overall. This means that you will not have to wash it as often which keeps it from unnecessary wear and tear. The liner is much easier to wash and more durable in many cases. When you use a sleeping bag liner, you protect the bag from things like bodily oils or sweat. A liner can also prevent damage to the bag from things like sand that sticks to your feet. The liner keeps it from reaching the bag itself.

Secondly, a liner can also add an extra layer of warmth and totally change your sleeping environment. You can even select various materials for the liner based on your need of warmth. You can choose from the most common materials including silk, cotton or fleece sleeping bag liners.

Thirdly, a liner can make sure the sleeping environment is hygienically protected. They may even be able to protect you from bedbugs. Silk sleeping bag liners help wick away moisture so that you dry quickly and stay dry throughout the night.

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Benefits Of A Mummy Sleeping Bag Liner

Mummy liners can help tuck you in tightly and add an extra layer of warmth for the night. They have several features worth mentioning like:

  • Variety of patterns and colors to choose from
  • Made of 100% silk
  • Easy to maintain (machine wash and dry)
  • Durable construction

Is A Sleeping Bag Liner Difficult To Care For?

Taking care of your sleeping bag liner is actually very easy. While you need to check the labels to be certain you provide proper care and clean-up, most can be washed in a washing machine using regular washing detergent. However, you will want to refrain from using fabric softeners on the liner since it can negatively affect the way it wicks moisture away. It’s best to air dry the liner once it has been washed.

The Top 3 Sleeping Bag Liners For This Year

There are numerous liners to choose from and many features to consider. They can be constructed of a variety of fabrics, have different closures and storage options. Here are 3 of the top sleeping bag liners on the market today.

1). Cocoon Silk Travel Sheet Sleeping Bag Liner


The Cocoon Silk Travel Sheet is an excellent option and doubles as a sleeping bag liner and a sheet.

Made from high quality Ripstop 100% silk, this popular sleeping bag liner feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Ripstop silk is the optimum lightweight fabric to cut down on packing bulk and weight in your pack when you go camping and is more durable and tear resistant than regular silk.

Care instructions are simple, either hand-wash or machine wash the mummy sleeping bag liner for best care results.

Cocoon Silk Mummy Liner

Cocoon Silk Mummy Liner Purple

Cocoon Silk Mummy sleeping bag Liner Colors

Features of the Cocoon Silk Sleeping Bag Liner:

  • Make your sleeping bag liner be fun to slide into with these 10 funky colors and patterns
  • Laid out flat, these liners measure a  good sized 95-Inch x 35/22-Inch)
  • Made from tough RipStop Silk which is far more durable than silk
  • Side opening and has Velcro fasteners for easy closing
  • There is a roomy pocket for storing your pillow so it doesn’t slide around
  • Reinforced gussets and double stitching
  • Machine wash and dry


top rated sleeping bag liner


2). Coleman Stratus Fleece Sleeping Bag

Coleman Stratus(TM), Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner for sleeping bags

For those who prefer the soft and cosy feeling fleece lends, Coleman has some excellent choices.

The Coleman Stratus Fleece sleeping bagis just right for those warm nights when you need extra warmth or as a liner for a sleeping bag that needs a good layer of added comfort and warmth when you are camping.They open out fully with a full length zip to use as a blanket while sitting around the fire, or zip 2 sleeping bag liners togther to make an extra large one for a 2 person snuggle

This sleeping bag liner is a full size one, measuring 33″ X 75″ and will fit most full-size sleeping bags comfortably. The benefit of using a fleecy liner is they add an extra 12 degrees of thermal protection, making a 35-degree sleeping bag usable at temperatures as low as 23 degrees!

The Coleman fleece sleeping bag liner is hand or machine washable and includes its own stuff sack.

Coleman Stratus(TM) Fleece Sleeping Bag liner
Coleman Stratus Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner

This Coleman Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner is loaded with outstanding features:

  • Multiple color choices available
  • Adds and extra 12 degrees in warmth
  • Can zip open to use as a blanket
  • 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Double it up by zipping two of them together
  • Low profile design
  • Fits heights up to 5’11”


best sleeping bag liner for warmth


3). Cocoon Cotton Travel Sheet

Cocoon Cotton Travel Sheet


If you prefer a cotton sleeping bag liner, this is the perfect option.

A Cocoon cotton sleeping bag liner or travel sheet as they are also called, is an extremely lightweight and roomy liner. They are so versatile as they can be used as a warm weather sleeping bag, used as a rectangular sleeping bag liner as well as to keep your sleeping bag clean.

It packs right down to be very compact and lightweight and perfect for when you are traveling in youth hostels, hotels, planes, alpine huts, boats,or anywhere else.

A special weaving technique with a super fine yarn makes for a light weight, high quality and durable cotton sleeping bag liner to create a natural vapor balance. Cotton is machine washable and colorfast.

Cocoon Cotton sleeping bag liner
Cocoon Cotton TravelSheet,cotton sleeping bag liner, blue stripe

Features Of The Cocoon Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner Are :

  • Side opening
  • Velcro closures
  • Pocket to insert a pillow
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight for extra comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Color fast


sleeping bag liner silk vs cotton


 Our Closing Thoughts On The Uses Of A Sleeping Bag Liner

These are a few of the top choices in these sleeping bag liners made from natural and man made fibers. When you are looking around to buy a liner decide which features you want included and what will be best for your comfort and budget.  A handy feature are those liners which zip open to form a blanket, perfect for camping or traveling situations when you need a little extra comfort and warmth when outside. These are all durable and well-constructed with excellent reviews. Select the best sleeping bag liner for you based on the features you desire and need.

2 thoughts on “3 Benefits Of A Sleeping Bag Liner: 3 Of The Best Liners”

  1. Hi there,

    do you think a silk sleeping bag liner is better than a fleecy liner? I am going camping and have a very warm sleeping bag already.
    What would you recommend out of the 2 liners?



    1. Hey Logan,
      good question. At the end of the day it does come down to personal choice whether you prefer natural or man-made fibers an dhow they feel against your body.
      Silk has long been the most popular liner because it feels good, washes and wears, packs down to a tiny size and is perfect to use as a sleeping bag when the weather is hot.
      A fleecy liner adds that extra layer of warmth, feels soft and snuggly and if you choose one which zips open, is a great blanket to wrap around you when sitting by the campfire…They do dry very quickly if they get wet or when washed, def an added bonus.The downside, a spark from the fire will instantly melt a hole in your fleecy liner.
      A fleecy liner does not pack down to a small size as a silk liner does, and for me thats a biggie depending on what type of trip I am planning…
      Personally I prefer a silk liner overall, they breathe which a synthetic fleecy liner can’t do, plus I like natural fibers.
      My recommendation, read reviews and take the time to visit a camping shop to try them out, see how they feel to you.
      Hope that helps you Logan!

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