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When you are shopping for any item, and not just sleeping bags, you will want to purchase something with good quality which will last and give you pleasure, as well as do the job it is supposed to do.  Since a sleeping bag is an essential when going for hiking or camping, you need to ensure you  purchase the one which best meets your needs. The best way you can do this, is to ensure  you familiarize yourself with the sleeping bag temperature rating guide.


Sleeping Bag Temperature Rating Guide

Source: backcountry.com

Understanding The Sleeping Bag Temperature Rating Guide Criteria

You may be wondering how they get the sleeping bag temperature rating guide, right? Wonder not anymore, since this guide will give you an insight on how these ratings are arrived at.

First of all the sleeping bag temperature rating guide is basically a suggestion of how warm the sleeping bag will keep the person using it. The ratings are, therefore, merely speculative as every person will have their own unique metabolism which determines how hot or cold you run…

These ratings are derived from samples of bags given to people chosen randomly and then asked to give their feedback in the rating form. Although the sleeping bag temperature rating guide is based on people’s opinions, they are very helpful since you are able to judge whether the sleeping bag in question is worth it.

Determining Which Sleeping Bag You Need

Basically, there are two fundamental factors you need to consider when you are using the sleeping bag temperature rating guide to choose your perfect sleeping bag.

Before you even move to the actual ratings of the sleeping bags in question, you need to first establish whether you require relatively high temperatures to sleep or whether you are comfortable sleeping in a low-temperature environment. This information is very important in determining which sleeping bag you will go for.

By understanding which temperatures you are most comfortable sleeping in, you will have the opportunity to know what temperature ratings you want your proposed sleeping bag to be. If you do not know whether you prefer high temperatures to sleep well or not, you might want to take your bed as an example.

If you sleep with either one blanket and sometimes end up throwing it away while sleeping and still sleep comfortably, you will probably need a sleeping bag with a low-temperature rating.

However, if you use several blankets you will most probably feel comfortable in a sleeping bag with a high-temperature rating.


Sleeping Bag Temperature Rating Guide For Different Seasons

There is no question to the fact that the sleeping bag temperature rating guide varies with the type of sleeping bag, this being attributed to the different seasons a year experiences. There are generally five types of temperature ratings based on the different seasons.

  • The first temperature rating based on the seasons is the one season bags. These types of bags are light and this tells you that they will not offer you a lot of warmth. Due to this reason, they are mostly used in climates that are relatively hot or even when the season is in, characterized by hot temperatures. These types of bags are used in indoors settings and they are, therefore, not suitable for camping.
  • The two season bag is the other type of bag ratings based on the season. This bag can be used in temperatures which are as low as 5 degrees centigrade. Although the bag is still not appropriate for winter seasons, it offers the user a wider usage area. With such a bag, you will be in a position to use in autumn and even summer seasons without experiencing any problems.
  • Now if you plan on going camping during three seasons of the year, you will probably need this third sleeping bag, the three-season bag. The bag will offer you enough warmth when in summer, autumn and spring. The only period you will not feel comfortable sleeping in this bag is during the winter season.

There are those who like to go camping throughout the year and they will, therefore, require a sleeping bag with a temperature rating capable of sustaining all the four seasons of a year. Since this bag can be used in environments that are experiencing temperatures of up to -10 degrees Celsius, you will be very comfortable using it even in the winter seasons when the temperatures are very cold.

  • There are other sleeping bags which are designed for the extreme conditions and this falls under the fifth season bags. They are designed to withstand cold temperatures of up to -40 degrees Celsius. Now if you wish to visit the Polar Regions, you will find these bags to be the perfect match for those conditions.

Sleeping Bag Temperature Rating Guide Based On Gender And Size

sleeping bag temperature rating guide

Source: backcountry.com

The sleeping bag temperature rating guide is not only useful when determining which sleeping bag you need for which season, but also which sleeping bags are most appropriate for either a man, woman or even a child.

Generally speaking,  women feel more cold than men, and therefore when choosing the perfect bag, you will need to look for one which is some few temperatures higher than what an average man would pick just to be on the safe side.

Sleeping bags for children will not be that challenging to find since you will only have to highlight the size of the bag you want and the vendor will automatically know that it is for a child.

When choosing the most appropriate bag, you may find it necessary to still consider factors such as the size, shape, the material used to design it and most especially the weight of the bag especially if you intend on going with it for a long camping activity. This is where a sleeping bag temperature rating guide provides a good indication what type of bag you may need.

Conclusion Of Our Sleeping Bag Temperature Rating Guide

With the above information, you will be armed and knowledgeable in the process of choosing the perfect sleeping bag, making it a much less stressful, easier and faster process. Since the sleeping bag rating guide is to act as a blueprint of what you need to consider when choosing a sleeping bag, it is important that you follow the sleeping bag temperature rating guide provided here. Make sure you have a comfortable night when camping by choosing the best sleeping bag which perfectly matches your sleeping needs.

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