Sleeping Naked in a Sleeping Bag, Warmer or Not?


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Sleeping bags are designed to offer users comfort and warmth. They are popular with campers as they are easy to carry and a provide a simple solution to sleeping well when camping out. There are many myths surrounding what you should wear in your sleeping bag. Some people state that sleeping naked in a sleeping bag is the way to go, while others prefer to wear some clothes.

We thought we would take a look and come up with facts on whether sleeping naked in a sleeping bag was warmer or not…


sleeping naked in a sleeping bag


Sleeping naked in a sleeping bag is not warmer and there are a lot of reasons to back up the facts. Popular myths states the body will quickly absorb the heat from the bag if you sleep naked, but the truth is  wearing some additional clothes as you go to sleep may ensure you enjoy a warmer night and a sound sleep.

If you want to stay warm all night, it is important to ensure you are well covered and  you are in the right clothes which will make you feel comfortable for the ultimate nights rest in your sleeping bag.

Avoid wearing jackets or heavy sweaters since they will not offer you the comfort  you deserve. Sleeping naked in a sleeping bag is not warmer as compared to wearing some light clothes.

You need to prepare for warmer nights as you camp, in this case you will need an air mattress pad or a Therm-a-Rest to cushion you and protect you from cold ground as you sleep.

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Using a barrier such as a mattress or pad offers great comfort where people experience cold nights due to the cold creeping in from the cold ground. They end up not enjoying their weekend camping trip, and, it can be enough to turn you off camping completely!

Before sleeping, remove all damp or sweaty clothes.

The best sleeping gear while camping and using a sleeping bag, is the most commonly preferred thermal long underwear, tops and bottoms.

You can also wear some woolen socks since they are cozy and warm feet get you to sleep quickly.

You can decide to insert a silk inner liner if you want to keep your bag smart and clean. Silk adds an extra few degrees of warmth being a breathable natural fiber

Sleeping Naked in Sleeping Bag is not the ideal way to get more heat or, ensure you are warmer and wearing the right attire as mentioned above will make a difference in you enjoying your well earned rest.

Sleeping bags provide a perfect, comfortable and the best solution when camping, as long as you heed a few baisc guidelines. Some sleeping bags come with a well designed hood and you can use this to protect yourself and at the same time gain some more heat. You can choose to wear a stocking cap or beanie if the sleeping bag does not have a hood. This will ensure that you stay warmer and have great nights sleep without being naked. But, if you really must sleeping naked in a sleeping bag, at least wear some socks:)

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