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slumberjack_logoIf you are the kind of person who likes being in the outdoors, then you are probably familiar with all the wonderful products and accessories one needs for such adventures…There is an endless choice of camping gear designed to make your life easier.

One of the best companies for your outdoor needs is Slumberjack. With over 50 years of experience in providing products for outdoor adventurers, it should come as no surprise that this is one of the leading companies in the outdoor industry.

Over the years, they have shown clear dedication to their customers needs, providing each and every outdoor enthusiast with the needed equipment for an amazing experience in the woods.

While the company produces a wide array of products, including tents, sleeping pads, camp furniture and, most recently, hunting gear, one of their best selling products remains the Slumberjack sleeping bag.

You can’t be an outdoor enthusiast or a true sportsman and not own one of these top quality sleeping bags. Regardless of the type that you decide to choose, keep in mind a Slumberjack sleeping bag  will deliver the most comfortable sleeping experience you have ever had in the woods.

For those of you who are set on buying a Slumberjack sleeping bag, you should know that there are several categories available, including woodsman, backpacking, camping and kids.

You can purchase your sleeping bag according to your gender (unisex bags are available as well) or your age (adult and kid categories are separate).

Perhaps some of the most interesting features are related to the fact that you can buy sleeping bags according to the outdoor temperature (from -20 to 40+), the intended use (hunting/fishing, backpacking or family camping) and even choose the shape (rectangular, mummy or double).

Last, but not least, you can shop for the Slumberjack according to its price.

Slumberjack Sleeping Bag PreviewTop Slumberjack Sleeping BagsRating More Details

Slumberjack Bonnie and Clyde 30/40 Double Wide Synthetic Sleeping Bag

3.6 / 5

32 Customer Reviews
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Slumberjack Latitude 40 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag

4.0 / 5

55 Customer Reviews
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Slumberjack Latitude 20 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag

3.9 / 5

216 Customer Reviews
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Slumberjack Girls Kit 40 Degree Short Right Hand Zip Sleeping Bag

3.7 / 5

44 Customer Reviews
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Slumberjack Esplanade -20 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag

3.4 / 5

12 Customer Reviews
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Slumberjack Timberjack 40 Regular Right Hand Zip Sleeping Bag

3.5 / 5

12 Customer Reviews
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The pros of these sleeping bags are:

  • sleeping bags to suit all weather conditions
  • mummy bags
  •  square bags
  • ultralight weight sleeping bags
  • sleeping bags for men women and children
  • synthetic and down fill fiber insulation to keep you warm
  • reduced weight (perfect to carry around)
  • integrated flip-out pillow pocket (offers the much-needed neck support)
  • There are special sleeping bags you can purchase for kids
  • sleeping bags to zip together if you want to sleep together
  • woodsman sleeping bags as rugged and comfortable as you would expect.

The cons?

There aren’t any, because these sleeping bags are perfect.

Before you go ahead and buy a Slumberjack sleeping bag, think about the purpose of your outdoor experience. If you are camping with your family, then you will need to purchase separate and suitable sleeping bags for each member of the family, or, you will purchase a larger one for you as parents and single bags for the kids.

If you are going on a sport, hunting or adventure trip, perhaps the Woodsman might be better suited. The purpose of the trip determines the choice of sleeping bag. As for the actual care, there are no specific requirements, as these sleeping bags are quite easy to take care of.

People who have bought Slumberjack sleeping bags offer positive ratings ranging from three to five stars (out of a maximum of five). They have left positive reviews on Amazon for people to read and make their own decisions…and on various other social media resources.

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