Square vs Mummy Sleeping Bags Comparison


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Are you going on a much anticipated camping or hiking expedition? Are you facing difficulty in choosing the right sleeping bag for your needs?


mummy sleeping bags and square sleeping bags for camping out


In this article we will take a look at the various choices on offer to help you in selecting the best sleeping bag for your camping trip.

There are a number of varieties of sleeping bags, but square and mummy sleeping bags are the most popular ones. We look at the benefits of both square sleeping bags and mummy sleeping bags.

Square vs Mummy Sleeping Bags Basic Comparison

The square sleeping bag is the basic variety. A sleeping bag of this type can be packed by folding in half, rolled up, and bound with cords or straps with cord locks. The basic design of this sleeping bag variety makes it a perfect pick for most camping needs.

The Square Sleeping Bag

The square bag is quite different from mummy sleeping bags in a number of ways. This type of sleeping bag is a rectangle from head to foot.

Benefits of a square sleeping bag

  • Rectangle from top to bottom
  • Often available in larger sizes so suits larger framed people
  • Available in single or double sizes
  • Available in down or synthetic
  • More room to move arms and legs around
  • Usually features 2 zips all the way around
  • Can zip 2 or more sleeping bags together
  • Can open out a square bag to make a quilt
  • Can fit 2 adults inside for couples camping
  • Great for family / car camping

There are many advantages to a square sleeping bag, the major one being increased room inside the bag and the facility to zip sleeping bags together to make a big sleeping bag. Generally fill options are the same as a mummy bag.

Square bags are great for family camping or car camping as they are generally heavier and bulkier.

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Mummy Sleeping Bags

Mummy style sleeping bag feature considerably reduced volume and surface area. This adds to the heat retention properties of these sleeping bags, as a much smaller area within the bag needs to be warmed up as the bag snugly follows the contours of your body, hence the name.

The drawstring equipped hood allows no escape of warm air. Mummy-shaped bags are more efficient at keeping the body warm. However, some people find them constricting.

Benefits of a mummy sleeping bag

  • Contoured body shape
  • Very efficient in cold weather
  • One person only sleeping bag
  • Light weight, often ultra compact
  • Zip is usually a 3/4 zip
  • Can handle temperatures in the minus degrees depending on fill
  • Down or synthetic
  • Mummy bags compress right down for hiking trips
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The Pros and Cons

The pros of square bags and mummy bags will help you make a choice between which style best suits your individual needs. At the end of the day, you need to decide what your needs are, what type of camping are you doing, do you require room to move in your sleeping bag etc….

Square bags aren’t a good pick for most backcountry travelers. Sleeping bags of this kind aren’t suitable as they are generally heavier and bulkier, adding unnecessary weight to your back pack.

Although roomy and inexpensive, their design allows a lot of body heat to escape. On the other hand, many people find square sleeping bags much more comfortable as there is room to stretch and move with ease. But again, they don’t pack down as tightly as a mummy sleeping bag.

Mummy bags are designed to maximize heat retention and save weight. They are much narrower towards the feet, the shoulders are flared out and tapered to a fitted drawstring hood.

The close-fitting bag offers increased warmth in comparison to square sleeping bags. Most of the mummy bags do not have a zip running all the way to the feet. Zippers may prove to be a weak point in the insulating qualities of any sleeping bag.

Square Sleeping Bags And Mummy Sleeping Bags Conclusion

Square sleeping bags are the best option for individuals who hate feeling constricted in sleeping bags. This kind gives you room to move your body with ease. In most cases, these sleeping bags, can be doubled up if you desire to sleep with your partner.

Mummy shaped sleeping bags range from single season use to thick expedition sleeping bags. They are the most preferred bags for chilly weather.

Everybody has different preferences and needs when they sleep. Read the reviews on square sleeping bags and mummy sleeping bags, the benefits of both, the downsides of both and go check them out at your local store. Get in them and test them, roll around and get the feel if you are more suited to a mummy style bag or a square style sleeping bag. Then go online and buy a great sleeping bag to suit your needs:)


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