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TETON Sports TrailHead Ultralight Sleeping Bag reviewCamping is a lot of fun. Walking trails, climbing mountains to watch an amazing sunset and sleeping out under the stars is one of life’s experiences. With sometimes unbearable chilly conditions during the night inside the tent, you need the best camping equipment. This is where the TETON Sports TrailHead +20 Degree F Ultralight Sleeping Bag is a smart choice for warmth, comfort, safety, and helping your body get the rest it needs. In our TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag review, we’ll take a look at what makes this particular bag one to consider….

What’s 1 Of The 4 Heaviest Hiking Items? The Sleeping Bag

Your sleeping bag is one of the 4 heaviest items in your backpack. Which is why it’s vital to strike a good balance between warmth, comfort, and weight with camping equipment ergonomically designed to offer comfort and ease on the trail. It doesn’t take long to get sick of lugging a heavy and bulky sleeping bag. Neither should you compromise on warmth either.

Depending on the type of hiking you do, you may even own a few different sleeping bags to choose from depending on the trip… Most people begin by choosing a bag that will keep them warm at the coldest temperatures they plan to hike in.

How Does A Sleeping Bag Keep You Warm?

Keep in mind sleeping bags don’t create warmth. Your body creates warmth. Your sleeping bag works to keep you warm by trapping your body heat in the enclosed bag space. Sleeping bags with more insulation are more efficient at trapping heat so they’re warmer. Larger sleeping bags on the other hand with a great deal of interior space work less efficiently because of the larger area your body has to warm up.  If you are thinking about buying one of these bags, take the time to check out eton Sports Trailhead sleeping bag reviews on Youtube, other websites and in store as well. We’ve talked about 7 Tips For Staying Warm In Your Bag here

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Years Of Brand Experience Counts

The best sleeping bags for performance are those made by manufacturers with years of experience in producing sports, camping and outdoor equipment. This defines Teton’s brand ethic

The versatile TETON Sports TrailHead +20 Degree F Ultralight Sleeping Bag is a good example of this brand ethic. From its aesthetics, materials used, to its snug comfort levels, the Teton Sports Trailhead sleeping bag brings the outdoor hiker the ultimate in warmth and comfort across a variety of weather conditions.

The standout bonus is the convenience in terms of portability. This innovative bag is one of the lightest 20 degree synthetic sleeping bags, weighing in at a mere 2.4lbs or 1.4 kgs. 

 TETON Sports TrailHead Ultralight Sleeping Bag


 TETON Sports TrailHead Ultralight Sleeping Bag Key features

1. Dimensions: 87 by 32 by 22 Inches. Weight: 2.4 Pounds

teton sleeping bag review

Measuring up at 87 inches long, 32 and 22 inches wide, this is the lightest 20 degree synthetic sleeping bag which is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate larger frames.

Unlike other sleeping bags made for an average sized individual, the Teton Sports Trailhead 20 F is made with the larger person in mind. If you are on the larger, longer side, this could be a good fit for those who are 6′ 6″, have very broad shoulders or who are carrying weight.

Spending a night in a bag that’s cut too slim is restrictive, especially if you move around a fair bit, or like some foot wiggle space. The Sports Trailhead is a good choice for anyone who wants enough shoulder and leg room and to be able to easily move sleeping positions without waking up feeling as if you’ve been stuck in one position all night!

Weighing in at a mere 2.4 lbs, it is compresses down easily, keeping the pack weight down. Thanks to its Ultralight PolarLite Insulation, the bag offers excellent quality and performance. Is this the best Teton ultralight sleeping bag? It all depends on what you want in a bag and that’s entirely up to you!

2. Features of the TETON Sports TrailHead Ultralight Sleeping Bag PolarLite Insulation

This innovative technology has changed the way ultralight sleeping bags are made. Made from PolarLite Insulation which is a 7-denier interwoven fiber fill, the synthetic fill offers the serious hiker the ultimate in insulation and warmth properties. The fiber fill keeps the Teton 20 degree sleeping bag thin and light, making it a good lightweight 3 season sleeping bag providing warmth down to 20 degree F or 7°C. You’ll find most Teton Sports Trailhead 20 reviews mention 20- 30 degrees plus are the temps where the bag works best at.

3. Zipper features a full-length draft tube

teton sports trailhead 20 for hikingA full length draft tube ensures no cold air seeps in when the zipper is closed. No space is left for precious warm air to escape, ensureing full insulation is achieved.

Its zippers are also taped and are anti-snag to ensure excellent insulation and durability. In addition to this, there are zipper pulls on the inside and outside of the bag to make closing the Teton 20 degree sleeping bag easy.

4. Mummy hood with drawstring and shoulder baffle

There is nothing worse than drifting off to sleep only to wake sometime later in the early hours of the morning with a freezing head and neck! Having a cold head and neck can cause a great deal of discomfort and is not conducive to sleep! The TETON Sports Ultralight sleeping bag comes with a handy drawstring hood which you can snug around your head to keep the freezing cold out.

Plus, pulling the hood around your head and snuggling down is comforting. There is a shoulder baffle, keeping your head, neck and shoulders comfortably warm, ensuring maximum insulation is achieved.

Key Features Of The Teton Sports Trailhead sleeping bag:

  • Available in 4 colors Scout Green, Scout Orange, Green Grey and Orange Grey
  • Lightweight 3 season sleeping bag down to 20F or -7C maximum
  • The bag is quiet to sleep in- it doesn’t rustle much when you move
  • Weighs only 2.4lbs and includes the stuff sack
  • High comfort levels with the soft, double-brushed micro polyester liner for a better night’s sleep with a survival rating of +20 degrees
  • Reasonably good sized foot box for sufficient wiggle room and comfort for feet even if you prefer lying on your back
  • Features a full-length draft tube over the full length zip to keep icy air out and you warm
  • Water and weather resistant with the non tear 75D 2mm Diamond Ripstop
  • Keep all your valuable safely tucked away in the interior pocket zips
  • Hanging loops at base to hang the bag up to dry out
teton sports trailhead ultralight sleeping bag review  
TETON Sports TrailHead +20 Degree F Ultralight Bag


TETON Sports TrailHead Ultralight Sleeping Bag Pros


With dimensions of 87 inches in length, 32 inches width at the widest point and 22 inches wide at its narrowest point, the TrailHead +20 Degree F Sleeping Bag provides enough room for larger sized and taller people to comfortably move their shoulders, arms and legs. It’s the best lightweight compression sleeping bag which offers room to move, plus a good sized foot box for feet for back and side sleepers. In reading other Teton Sports Trailhead sleeping bag reviews, users commented on the benefits have a roomier foot box, which for them added up to extra comfort at night.

Warm enough

teton sports tracker sleeping bagThis sleeping bag is made with the innovative PolarLite insulation which includes a 7-denier interwoven fiber fill material for the bag’s body. The benefits of the 7 denier fiber fill ensures maximum warmth and insulation are offered to the user, while the bag remains light weight.

Comfortably Handles A Wide Range Of Conditions

Users have commented in their Teton Sports Trailhead 20 reviews how warm this sleeping bag was in a wide range of weather conditions. And, that’s what you want in a sleeping bag, a bag which can handle a wider range of conditions without needing a few sleeping bags at your finger tips isn’t it? A good useful all rounder.

Anti Snag Zippers With Full Length Draft Tube

Its zippers are taped, as well as being anti-snag and comes with a full-length draft tube. These features ensure warm air is kept within the bag and no cold air gets in.

Draw String Mummy Hood Plus Water Resistant Shell Give You The Max Comfort

The Sports is the best lightweight compression sleeping bag which features a well shaped mummy hood with drawstring and shoulder baffle, ensuring the head, shoulders and neck are  kept snug and warm. Its water resistant shell guarantees better sleep without getting wet from dew, moisture or water that may find its way into your tent.

The Best TETON Ultralight Sleeping Bag Is Very light

With all the sleeping space, leg and shoulder room this is the lightest backpacking sleeping bag which weighs a mere 2.4 lbs. PolarLite Insulation technology ensures  the user remains warm, while the sleeping bag remains ultralight.  Teton Sports Trailhead sleeping bag reviews generally mention this point which is a good one for keeping packweight down. Afterall, there is nothing more uncomfortable and tiring than lugging on a overweighted pack!

best 20 degree sleeping bag


With its water resistant 75D 2MM Diamond ripstop shell, the durability of the TETON Sports TrailHead +20 Degree F Ultralight Sleeping Bag is guaranteed. This shell is strong and does not tear, even when punctured or snagged.

Teton Sports Trailhead 20 F Is Ergonomically designed

Ergonomics are very important when it comes to camping and hiking gear. This sleeping bag from Teton is a good example. It comes with a vaulted foot box area which means your feet have room to move or you can store personal items in the bottom

The style of the mummy bag means you are kept warmer than a square bag, as there is less air space to warm up. A soft, double brushed, breathable inner liner adds an extra dimension of cosy warmth on the coldest of nights.

The TETON features zippered inner pockets to safely tuck in your valuables out of sight.

Customer TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag reviews

Customers have commented in their Teton Sports Trailhead 20 reviews how compact and light the bag is while providing adequate sleeping space. Most users mentioned how compact it is and can be easily compressed, fitting into their backpacks without taking up too much space.

A lot of users liked the foot box design for foot wriggle room as they didn’t feel constricted.

The inner liner is made from a micro fleece polyester which is super soft against the skin and is also hypoallergenic.



The TETON does not unzip all the way. This sleeping bag’s zip doesn’t unzip all the way, so some users find it hard folding it up or drying it out properly. This is a minor issue which does not affect the quality of this sleeping bag.

Quite a few hikers mentioned the rating was incorrect and felt the bag should be rated at + 30 as they were cold at 20 degrees.

Conclusion Of Our TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag Review

The TETON Sports TrailHead Ultralight Sleeping Bag is one of the top choices for the lightest backpacking sleeping bags around and a top pick for anyone interested in camping and hiking. It’s one of the best sleeping bags for cold weather to +20, making it a good compact 3 season sleeping bag. At under $70, this represents a good buy for enjoying the benefits of a Teton bag, knowing you will be both comfortable and warm. As we mentioned before, take your time in reading other TETON Sports TrailHead Sleeping Bag reviews on other hikingwebsites, YouTube and go try one out in store. Nothing beats actually going instore to feel the bag, get into it and make an educated choice from there. You can always get a good deal online!

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