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ultralight-sleeping-bags-for-hikingWhether you are hiking, camping, or climbing, one of the crucial factors when buying the best sleeping bag is a bag that is convenient to carry and pack. Well, ultralight sleeping bags offer you all the comfort associated with a regular  sleeping bag but remains convenient as a result of its light weight. Bag size, performance, durability are exactly the same as your regular bags.

Ultralight basically means the bags are designed to keep you warm while significantly reducing the weight of your pack. They also compress right down into a tiny package which takes up barely any space in your pack.

The best light weight sleeping bag is one that:

1. Is made of light weight material

2. Is easily compressible

3. Does not weigh more than 1 pound for summer bags and should be less than 3.5 pounds for winter bags

4.  Is zipped halfway to reduce the zipper weight

5.  Has a temperature rating that can protect you from extremely harsh weather

The Immediate Ultralight Weight Advantage
Top Six sleeping bag light, best ultralight sleeping bag

The obvious immediate advantage of a ultralight sleeping bag is it significantly reduces the weight of your pack allowing you to channel energy into hiking and climbing.

Do Your Research…

However, most ultralight sleeping bags tend to sacrifice important factors such as quality and warmth in order to keep weight at a minimum. It is important you do your research well because you don’t want to have an ultralight weight sleeping bag and end up freezing!

Read Reviews…Educate Yourself…

Sleeping bag reviews provide a rich source of information for you to  assess basic benefits and features of sleeping bags. Most of these bags are designed for use under specific conditions and it is important  you find an ultralight sleeping bag to meet your specific needs. Here we review 6  of the best brands with an ultralight sleeping bag that you can chose from. Read our reviews of each ultralight sleeping bag after the table

Ultralight Sleeping Bag PreviewTop 6 Ultralight Sleeping BagsRatingMore Details

Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag

    3.8 / 5 Stars

    1,545 Customer Reviews
    More Details!
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    TETON Sports TrailHead +20°F Ultralight Sleeping Bag

    4.1 / 5 Stars

    609 Customer Reviews
    More Details!
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    Stansport Redwood Ultra Light Sleeping Bag

    4 / 5 Stars

    188 Customer Reviews
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    Ledge Sports FeatherLite +20 F Degree Ultra Light Design Sleeping Bag

    4.4 / 5 Stars

    207 Customer Reviews
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    TETON Sports Journey +40 Degree F Ultralight Sleeping Bag

    3.7 / 5 Stars

    45 Customer Reviews
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    TETON Sports Tracker +5°F Ultralight Sleeping Bag

    4.4 / 5 Stars

    366 Customer Reviews
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    Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy Compact, Ultralight Sleeping Bag

    Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable, best ultralight sleeping bag

    This Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy bag is a 29.5″ x 84.5′ standard adult size ultra-light sleeping bag. The Sport Adventurer is specifically designed to reduce the weight and size of your pack load, whether you are camping, hiking or climbing.

    Lowest Temperature Rating

    This ultralight sleeping bag has the lowest temperature rate of 30 degrees which makes it suitable for cold and dry weather conditions.

    Compresses Right Down

    The best thing about the Suisse Sport, it is very thin and easy to compress, rolling up into a small compression sack that can compact to 12″ x 7″ x 7″, making it suitable for long distance hikes and camping where traveling light is a primary consideration.

    Additional features of the Suisse Sport are:

    • drawstring hood and draft tube will give you extra protection against rain, wind, and cold; the elements that most people strive to protect themselves from when camping.
    • compressible material that not only reduces weight but also makes packing very easy.
    • mummy shape that eliminates “cold pockets” to ensure that you keep warm
    • double layer waterproof synthetic material with a temperature range between 40 and 45 Degrees
    • contoured and raised top to give your head a comfortable resting position while leaving your nose outside
    • resistant to tearing with Ripstop polyester fabric and extreme weather conditions
    • compatible and convenient left and right zippers

    ultralight sleeping bags weighing 2 lbs

    In essence, the thin and light weight Suisse Sport will be suitable when you are camping in cold weather with the possibility of rain and wind.

    Double Layer Construction

    Double layer construction is offset to prevent cool spots in the bag and the fill material is MicroTekk Down-Like 0.7 Denier Fill, weighing in at 1.5 lb (680 g).  MicroTekk Down is a cutting edge bag fill designed to offer maximum warmth with even fill distribution across the bag, at the lightest weight possible, keeping the ultralight weight sleeping bag warm and comfortable in the inside.

    Made From Tough Ripstop Polyester

    The outer shell is designed from blue ripstop polyester,  a tough waterproof material,  with touches of black and a yellow inner.

    A single zipper with two zipper pulls runs down the left side of the bag down to about 19 inches from the bottom of the bag. Two hook and loop closures were the zipper ends at the hood ensures that as it stays up while you are sleeping.

    Wide Draft Tube And Collar

    A 3.5 inch wide insulated draft tube is stitched into the bag behind the zipper which runs the full length to stop cold air seeping in.

    The partially insulated draft collar has a drawcord and cord lock to keep the hood tight in case of inclement weather. There is a utility pocket over the chest area inside the bag, measuring 8.5″ x 5″for storing personal items.

    Yes! Machine Washable

    You can machine wash this ultralight sleeping bag gentle cold water cycle with mild detergent and air dry.

    Compression straps on the stuff bag allow you to pull this bag right in for the smallest size possible.

    Suisse Sport makes an Adventurer XL which is longer and wider on the top if you require more room.

    ultralight sleeping bags under 2 lbs


    TETON Sports TrailHead Ultralight Sleeping Bag

    TETON Sports TrailHead +20 Degree F, ultralight sleeping bag

    This Teton Sports Trailhead Ultralight Bag weighs just 2.9 lbs, measuring 87″ x 32″ x 22″. The orange and grey sleeping bag is light and thin, and will keep you warm in extreme weather while providing you with ample room for your shoulders and toes for complete comfort while sleeping. It is suited for +20 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Larger Make Is Perfect For Bigger Taller People

    The unique attribute of the Teton is, it suits larger framed people or people with broad shoulders with it’s larger dimensions of 87″ x 32″ x 22″.

    Loads Of Room For Your Feet

    The additional toe room with the vaulted foot-box with an extra layer of fill helps keep your feet toasty, even in the coldest of  weather conditions. You even have room to add a HotHands Body & Hand Super Warmer to keep your hands and toes super warm.

    Additional features of Teton Sports are:

    • long and wide to fit large body frames
    • Available in orange / grey and green / grey color ways
    • PolarLite 7-denier interwoven insulation and waterproof material to keep you warm and dry
    • temperature rating of +20 degrees Fahrenheit
    • full length zipper draft tube to keep the insides warm by eliminating “cold pockets”
    • soft insides for additional comfort while sleeping
    • mummy hood to allow for comfortable sleeping position
    • inside and outside zipper pullers for convenient closure while packing or sleeping
    • inner pockets with zippers where you can safely keep your valuables
    • The zippers are taped and anti-snag to ensure that you are never disappointed

    Teton Sports is the perfect ultralight sleeping bag for camping under extremely cold weather conditions where there is an increased likelihood of cold weather. The diamond ripstop shell is water-resistant and won’t tear even if you should happen to accidentally snag or puncture it

    ultralight sleeping bags reviews


    Stansport Redwood Ultralight Sleeping Bag

    The 1.5 lbs Stansport Redwood sleeping bag dimensions are  30″ x 75″ and comes in forest green color to allow you a camouflage blend while you are camping.

    Perfect Bag For Summer & Warmer Weather Camping

    The ultralight sleeping bag is suitable for summer and mild weather camping. Furthermore, the bag is rectangular shaped to give more room for comfortable sleeping conditions while camping which is good, especially if you are a restless sleeper…

    The Stansport Is A Rectangular Shape

    This is a unique attribute as most ultralight weight sleeping bags tend to be the mummy shape design for people who are keen on keeping warm. A mummy shape bag is generally warmer than a rectangular bag.

    The ultralight sleeping bag can even be shared by two people if they are small sized.

    Additional features of the Stansport Redwood are:

    • 100 % waterproof polyester shell and lining to keep you dry in wet weather
    • Poly-Therm synthetic insulation to keep your body warm during cold nights
    • temperature rating of 55 degrees
    • the soft poly-cotton lining is designed to give you extra comfort
    • rectangular shape makes it suitable for people of different sizes and body frames
    • compresses easily, making it easy to pack and carry around
    • durable and easy to clean lining

    Weighs Only A Minimal 1.5 Pounds

    When you are camping during summer, there isn’t much need too worry about keeping warm as the nights will probably be warm. Stansport Redwood provides the best ultralight weight summer sleeping bag as the bulk of the material has been reduced significantly to reduce the weight to a light 1.5 pounds.

    Poly-Therm Synthetic Insulation Fill: Polyester Outer Shell

    Opting for bags meant for cold weather during summer can be an inconvenience as you simply get too hot and sweaty.  The priority in summer is to keep your pack as light as possible. The basic green color and design of the ultralight sleeping bag leaves little to be desired in terms of aesthetics, but this is more than overcome by the benefits of durability, lightness and comfort due to the tough outer polyester shell, Poly-Therm synthetic insulation fill and rectangular shape.

    best backpacking sleeping bags


    Ledge Sports FeatherLite Compact Ultralight Sleeping Bag

    Ledge Sports Featherlite is designed for experienced users who have used an ultralight sleeping bag and understand Ledge Sports FeatherLite +20 F Degree Ultra Light Design, best ultralight sleeping bag (84 X 32 X 20)that in some instances, you might need to sacrifice some comfort, especially when traveling long distances under extreme weather conditions.

    The Best Bag For Extreme Weather Conditions

    This 84″ x 32″ x 20″ ultralight sleeping bag is designed to keep size and weight to a minimum, as well as guaranteeing to  keep you warm and dry under extreme weather conditions.

    Although the bag is not the most comfortable and convenient with its snug body contouring fit, experienced  users consider the bag a valuable asset with its light weight and  cosy warmth.

    In essence, Ledge Sports is tough and durable suitable for people who like rusty hikes and camping under extreme weather.

    Additional features of the Ledge Sports Featherlite:

    • compressible material for easy packing and carrying
    • Available in orange, blue and red colors
    • The shell is made of tough, all weather proof Dobby Diamond, 250T ripstop material
    • soft, comfortable inner made of Softech II 210T liner
    • tough anti-rip/anti-tear micro denier, hibernate extreme continuous filament fiber for durability
    • T-compressible pack

    Some people buying ultralight weight sleeping bags end up disappointed because they fail to consider the size and weight capacity of the bag. However, if you have some experience and know the importance of a good ultralight sleeping bag, you can opt for Ledge Sports Featherlite if you are into camping, hiking, or climbing under extreme weather conditions.

    est ultralight sleeping bags


    TETON Sports Journey Review Ultralight Sleeping Bag

    TETON Sports Journey +40 Degree F (2.3 lbs, 90, best lightweight sleeping bag 2015

    The TETON Sports Journey red and grey sleeping bag might be slightly thicker than other ultralight sleeping bags mentioned here, but is considered one of the best sleeping bags because of its sheer light weight. It weighs a minimal 2.8 lbs,  and measures out at 9.8″ x 33″

    Rectangular Shape Offers Ample Room

    The rectangular shaped bag provides ample room while guaranteeing you complete comfort and protection from the elements. The sleeping bag is suitable for light weight traveling under mild weather conditions.

    Some of the highlights of the Teton Sports Journey are:

    • 150 gram per square high – tech Polarlite  Fleece gives you insulation from the elements without additional weight
    • TETON heavy duty, anti snag zippers open from both top and bottom and can be adjusted for effective ventilation
    • If you are sleeping on an inflatable camping mattress you can conveniently unzip the Teton Sports Journey and you will have a warm blanket
    • large inside roomy pockets to safely store valuable electronics such as smartphones and tablets
    • drawstring hood and zipper for protection against the elements
    • soft fleece inner lining for ultimate comfort
    • temperature rating of +40 degrees Fahrenheit
    • long and spacious bag  suitable for people with tall, wide frames
    • Easy to compress for easy packing and carrying

    High Tech Construction For A Range Of Environments

    If you are camping under mild weather conditions but worried about cold nights or you are sensitive to cold, then the Teton Sports Journey should be suitable for you. Although the ultralight sleeping bag is meant for mild weather conditions, its high-tech construction and materials will be quite adequate.

    Diamond Ripstop Shell Is Water and Tear Resistant

    The Diamond ripstop shell is water-resistant and will tear if you accidentally snag or puncture it. The half circle mummy style hood with its drawstring closure can keep a pillow snugly in place or pull the hood in firmly around your head if the weather turns.

    ultralight down sleeping bags


    TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Sleeping Bag

    TETON Sports Tracker +5 Degree F Ultralight (4.1 lbs, 87, best ultralight sleeping bag 2015

    This TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Sleeping Bag weighs in at 4.1 pound and measures 87″ x 34″.  This is a bag suitable for extremely cold weather. Although it is a bit heavier as compared to the other ultralight weight sleeping bags reviewed here, perhaps this is because the manufacturer wanted to make sure that you stay warm.

    Loads Of Foot Space

    The bag has plenty of room with extra fill at the vaulted foot box to ensure that to your feet do not freeze under very cold weather. If you do suffer cold feet, you can consider using a  HotHands Body & Hand Super Warmer

    Additional features of Teton Sports Tracker are:

    • Available in green / grey and red / grey colors
    • thin and light design for easy travel
    • compressible material for easy packing
    • mummy shape that hugs your body to keep you warm by eliminating “cold pockets”
    • zippers both on the inside and outside to for convenient closure
    • mummy style hood with contours to keep your head comfortable and your nose outside for breathing
    • diamond ripstop outer lining that will ensure that the fabric does not tear even if you puncture
    • 7-denier interwoven fabric maximizes warmth without increasing weight
    • soft inner lining for additional comfort.

    Ideal For Cold Weather Conditions

    The Teton Sports Tracker is ideal for cold weather conditions when you want to have some  additional loft and weight to your ultralight sleeping bag, rather than end up freezing cold with chattering teeth. However, a weight of 4.5 is still considered ultralight when compared to standard sleeping bags.

    Full Length Zipper & Baffle

    The bag features a full-length zipper baffle which helps reduce drafts coming through the zip and the red and grey diamond ripstop shell is water and tear resistant which is handy when this bag is rated for cold temperatures.

    3 Piece Mummy Hood

    A 3-piece mummy hood keeps the pillow off the ground and holds it in place during sleep time or contours the face,  perfectly keeping out the cold air or rain.

    lightweight down sleeping bags


    Choosing the Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag

    Traditional sleeping bags with attached hoods and zippers are perfect for sleeping in temperatures that are near or below freezing. They are not useful for weight conscious users, where the temperatures are above freezing, or if someone wants to go ultralight during the winter.

    Having an ultralight sleeping bag is one of the best ways of reducing pack weight to become an ultralight backpacker. There are so many lightweight sleeping bags models available and choosing one that meets your needs can be an investigative process. To help you through this process, here is an article on how to choose the perfect sleeping bag ultralight for your needs.

    What qualities should you look for?

    When buying your perfect ultralight sleeping bag you should look for the following qualities.

    • The weight – If you are looking for a summer sleeping bag, go for a bag that weighs about one pound, and if you need a winter bag, go for the one that weighs around 3.50 pounds. If you are trying to backpack ultralight, leave the sleeping bag stuff sack at home.
    • The material – In general, synthetic bags are normally heavier than down sleeping bags. In addition they are less compressible than down sleeping sleeping bags.
    • Half zipper – Half zipper bags are generally lighter because they shed zipper weight.

    These qualities make a ultralight sleeping bag appropriate for a lighter backpack.

    How do you choose the right ultralight sleeping bag  for your needs?

    The main benefit of using an ultralight sleeping bag is to reduce the weight of your pack. However, when products are designed to satisfy this requirement, other important areas may be sacrificed. It is vital you do your research before buying your ultralight sleeping bag. It would be pointless to lower your pack weight and freeze during the night. When choosing the perfect ultralight sleeping bag, ensure that you understand the following:

    step 1The kind of insulation used

    The two main types of ultralight sleeping bags are down fill and synthetic. They have very different qualities, each suited to different camper’s requirements.

    As you have seen above, synthetic bags are heavier than down fill, but they are ideal for rainy weather. Their insulation loft properties  are not affected in wet conditions, keeping you warm in case of a storm. Because synthetic bags are generally heavier, it is very important you look for the lightest insulation fills, for instance Polarguard, Primaloft and Climashield.

    Down fills are warmer and lighter than synthetic bags, and are perfect for drier climates. However, they lose a lot of loft during wet conditions and can become very soggy, thus reducing their insulation quality. One of the methods used by different manufacturers to overcome this problem is to use waterproofing on the down bag’s shell. The downside, this lowers the breathability of the sleeping bag.

    step 2The shell material in a ultralight sleeping bag

    An ultralight sleeping bag is normally made with different shell fabrics (most of them fall under the polyester microfiber category). When selecting your model, ensure that it is tear proof, weather proof, wind proof and has good resistance to moisture. Additionally, ensure that your bag is breathable under its waterproof shell. Pertex is the most common armor material for high end ultralight bags – you should try it.

    step 3The temperature rating

    This is the most vital benefit to look for when selecting your new ultralight sleeping bag. The right sleeping bag model should show its temperature rating clearly. Sleeping bags are normally rated according to the temperature range they are best suited for. The simple rule when choosing your bag is to go for the one with a rating that is suitable for the absolute coldest conditions you expect to sleep in.

    step 4How well should an ultralight sleeping bag fit?

    How well should your ultralight sleeping bag fit? You would be shocked if you realized how many people pick their sleeping bag based on their weight and design. However, fit is the major factor to be aware of. When sleeping in your bag, the fit should be perfect, so as to make the space which requires warming as little as possible. Because ultralight bags have shed as much weight as possible, it is important that the fit be perfect and have minimal air pockets.

    Most manufacturers use elastic to match the bag’s fit to the user. If you come across a bag without elastic, ensure that you give it a test run on the show room floor before you buy it. A little space by the feet is perfect for comfort, but don’t buy a bag with huge space unless you plan to store your clothes and other items there.

    staying warm step 5How do you care for your ultralight sleeping bag?

    If you provide good care for your sleeping bag by practicing the following storage and caring techniques, your ultralight bag’s lifespan will increased.

    • Keep debris and dirt out of your tent – this will lower the chances of ending up in your bag.
    • Crush it, rather than rolling when you are compressing it.
    • Sleep with a liner to lower the number of times you need to clean it.
    • Remove it from its stuff sack when you arrive home from your camping so it can air out and dry out.
    • Store it in a huge bag so that the synthetic or down fibers can spread out – the sleeping bag may lose its loft over time if it is tightly stored in its stuff sack and will reduce its ability to hold in heat.

    stay warm in sleeping bag step 6Other important accessories

    It is very important that your sleeping bag have a waterproof stuff sack for keeping it dry. Very few bags come with quality sacks and most of them come with horrible stuff sacks. It is highly recommended that you buy one separately.

    Sleeping bags are essential tools for travelers, both for safety and comfort. If you don’t camp in below freezing temperatures, a thirty degree bag should offer enough warmth for your trips. Selecting a twenty to ten degree bag will add weight and may even make your bag too hot during the night.

    Ultralight Sleeping Bag Bottom Line

    The bottom line in finding the best rated ultra lightweight sleeping bag is identifying your specific needs and the weather patterns of the region where you want to use the bag.

    An ultralight sleeping bag is an important part of your camping or hiking experience and  you will want to consider points such as the size of the bag and its ability to keep you comfortable. It would be pointless to buy an extremely light bag of less than 1.5 pounds, only to end up freezing, or to buy a relatively heavy bag of more than 3.5 pounds, only to be forced to remove clothing at night due to overheating. If you are into aesthetics and extra comfort, then the sports sleeping bags with a mummy shape, fleece inner lining, contours for resting your head, and spacious room will suit you.

    However, some people are often willing to overlook comfort and aesthetics for other aspects such as durability. In essence, it is important to conduct thorough research on the best bag to meet your specific needs.

    The reviews outlined here are designed to give you an idea of the most important things to look for in the best ultra lightweight sleeping bag when you want an ultralight sleeping bag for your trip. However much you value traveling light, you might like to consider other factors such as durability, comfort, and the ability of the sleeping bag to protect you from elements. In considering these factors carefully with research, then you can be confident you will buy the best ultra lightweight sleeping bag to suit your needs.

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