About Us

jeff-eating-lunchMy name is Jeff.

I’m what you would call a recreational camper but I haven’t always been. Well, actually, it’s sort of a funny story how I was first exposed to outdoor living. It goes back to my high school years. I was an active member of our school basketball team. We were always going out of town for weekend tournaments and my parents were only too happy to take me where I had to be. Often these weekend tournaments required a one or two night layover.

My dad was a funny guy. He had a rather dry sense of humor. Whenever we stayed overnight somewhere during basketball season he called it camping. Only after I was properly introduced to camping years later did I realize the joke that dad was making. Back then, before the internet, the rating system dad would use for hotels and motels related to television.

He would say we were “roughing it” if the hotel or motel we “camped” at did not have satellite television. For years and years that was what I envisioned camping to be so when I started dating and found myself out hiking with the girl I eventually married, camping to me was a lot different than it was to her.

I remember what drew me to her – her love of the outdoors and nature. We went for many walks and soon started taking longer and longer trips that transitioned into day long hikes. We hiked around lakes, up hillsides and on just about any established and unmarked trail we could find.

On one particular hike we found ourselves overlooking the valley and it was so beautiful. That was when Cynthia suggested we camp for the night. I started off towards the town that I was sure was about an hour’s hike away from us. She asked what I was doing. I explained that in our family camping was in a hotel or motel with limited television service. She thought I was joking.

She explained that in her backpack was a blanket and a light tent. Her plan was to set it up and we would sleep here for the night. I thought she was joking.

Cynthia did win me over and I experienced my first ever real night of camping. It was not anything like the camping trips I used to enjoy as a kid with my parents but it was also a lot more fun in many ways. To say I got bit by the camping bug that night would be close to accurate. Cynthia and I found ourselves hiking and camping as often as we could and we started a small outdoors outfitting business shortly after we got married.

We still operate the store, hike and camp whenever possible and share our love of the outdoors with whoever will listen.

I’m glad you have found our website. On it you will learn a lot of things about hiking and camping based on our experiences. We will not only share tips with you to make your adventures safe and fun, we will also share with you reviews of various pieces of camping and hiking gear.

Our goal is to give you the knowledge you need to have the best time possible when you are outdoors. We have made some mistakes along the way and wish we had access to a resource such as this website when we were starting out. That’s why we have launched this website – to give you a hand and to share some of the fun we get from camping and hiking with others.


Jeff (and Cynthia)